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The centers of reception of migrants in Italy on the verge of collapse

We also need 20 thousand places: "Mayors of communes should accept migrants, or they will have to break up campgrounds."

"The fact is that until the end is not visible, the landing of migrants continues, it is difficult to give forecasts." The admission plan for 2017 is designed for 200 thousand places, but we can revise the estimate upwards: today we are talking about 220 thousand. " This was reported to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica by the Italian Ministry of the Interior. The flow of migrants does not stop, and a negotiating table between the Ministry and the National Association of Italian Communes can be created soon to review the quotas of migrants to the commune, the article says. A new plan is also needed in order to avoid emergency measures in the form of tent camps. On the horizon, there is a risk that the front of the mayors opposing the reception of migrants will rally again, the author notes.

"In the short term, we do not expect much from the EU," the Italian Interior Ministry told the publication. "Resettlement of asylum seekers from Italy lasts an hour a teaspoon, to date, a little more than 7200 migrants were resettled. The Dublin agreement will be revised, providing that the duty to receive [the refugees] lies only in the first country of arrival. "

"The problem is that Italy has never had to receive such an impressive number of refugees," the author says. "Given the latest landings, almost 80 thousand migrants arrived to Italy by sea in 2017 year, this is 15% more than in 2016 year (Which, with 181 thousand arrivals, has already surpassed all records.) Almost all of them are Africans (in the first ten of the declared nationalities, only Bangladeshi immigrants are excluded), leaving Libya. "

The car for refugees in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Italy has been working at the limit for several months now: more than 180 thousand migrants are already deployed in temporary structures and government centers, the newspaper writes.

"We are against tent camps, which are an extraordinary decision that would cause even greater tension on the ground." Before asking the communes for new efforts, one must demand that Europe contribute, "said Matteo Biffoni, representative of the Italian National Association of Italian Communities Migrants.

A source: InoPressa

Author: Vladimiro Polka | La Repubblica

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