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Church of Scotland united with the Church of England

Clergy of the Protestant Church of Scotland agreed to unite with the Church of England into a single structure, reports The Christian Post.

Decision on the joint declaration of the churches, which refers to their historical association in one structure, it was decided by a vote at the Council of the Church of Scotland, which was held in Edinburgh. At the Council attended by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. The Church of England has decided to merge in February this year.

"We see in this document a solid foundation in order to confirm and develop our agreement for a common witness to Christ," - said the Archbishop in his address to the cathedral.

Church decided to unite, despite differences on some issues. So, last week the Scottish church allowed their priests to enter into same-sex marriages. The Church of England did not support this decision.

The publication notes that the merger decision comes amid growing political tensions between Scotland and England, linked to Brexit - a referendum on leaving the UK from the EU. The vote is scheduled for June 23.

A source: RIA News

Author: RIA News

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