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Which downed pilot, McCain sought by Vucic

No sooner had the National Electoral Commission of Serbia to draw up the final results of the presidential elections as a visit to the winner Aleksandar Vucic frequent Western politicians. The first in this series was "unsinkable" US Senator Dzhon Makkeyn, Chairman of the Committee for the armed forces of the United States Congress, recently praised Donald Trump for "decisiveness" in a missile strike on Syria.

Statements that McCain did in Belgrade, give a fairly good idea of ​​what kind of policy from the perspective of the western "Serbian friends" who are accustomed to dictate, should conduct a new Serbian president - and first of all with Russia.

From Belgrade expect moral and political support of the US administration in Syria. For what? Very simply: it is important for Washington that Belgrade divorced from Moscow in an acute international and political issue. At a meeting with Vucic, McCain, talking about the use of chemical weapons in the city of Khan-Sheikhun, categorically stated: Syria acted "in interaction with Russia." The Serbian interlocutor did not say anything. And when answering journalists' question, does McCain really think that Moscow knew about the presence of chemical weapons in Damascus, the senator announced that he was "sure of it."

Someone will say: McCain is McCain. Yes, from this downed pilot there is little demand. However, apparently, both in the White House and Capitol Hill, it was important that the US position, as it was depicted after the attack by the American Tomahawks on the Syrian airfield, was conveyed to Belgrade by McCain. And it's not just that McCain is constantly in the Balkans (which Vuchich hastened to note). McCain is a symbol. He has an established image of the "guardian of continuity" of US foreign policy in the part where this policy reveals its anti-Russian edge. The visit of the senator to Serbia three days after the US missile strike on Syria is a signal to Vučić, which is intended to confirm that, despite the chaotic nature of the actions of the new US administration on the foreign arena, the attitude to Russia in Washington does not change.

Naturally, this applies not only to Syria. Another signal of the new Serbian President was the statement by McCain on Russia's involvement in the events in neighboring Serbia Montenegro - to the fact that the senator believes "the recent attempt to overthrow the government there."

The same number of lay and other statements McCain - the importance of strengthening the US military-technical cooperation, and Serbia, on the need for modernization of the Serbian army and its transfer to NATO standards. And here are the same arguments: Serbia must abandon the military-technical cooperation with Russia, as Russia indulges Assad (not that there speaks Trump?), Trying to overthrow governments of the Balkan countries and to top it all off a bomb in the Syrian hospitals and other civil objects.

The apotheosis of McCain's speech in Belgrade was his proposal to establish over Syria "no-fly zone" for Russian aerospace forces - with the active support of Serbia, of course. To learn how this might look in practice, the senator chose not to apply - to say nothing, and run the "idea" and force of her need to talk. Either way, the signal is sent to Serbia to face the new president Aleksandar Vucic should be ready to support any anti-Russian actions, if he wants, the West considered it "his".

Where such action could be taken? Solid American edition of The National Interest considers it necessary on this occasion to observe: "the next battleground for the US and Russia" can become the Balkans.

So Senator Dzhon Makkeyn gave in Belgrade President Aleksandar Vucic not only their personal wishes.

A source: Strategic Culture Foundation

Author: Peter ISKENDEROV

Tags: McCain, Vucic, Serbia, USA, Politics, Research, Syria, Russia, International Relations