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The person - the defendant

The person - the defendant

Tags: Religion, Christianity

The agenda has already been issued to him, but the date has not been set: appearance in court can occur on any day of the year and at any hour. There will be no lawyers. Prosecutors, too. True, there will be guards, with impassive faces standing behind their backs. And there will be a Judge, fair and incorruptible. And of course, there will be a defendant, to whom everything will be clear without further ado.

The Last Judgment. Fresco of the Monastery of Visoki Dechani

Any of us, Dürrenmatt said, can be put in jail without announcing guilt, and everyone in the depths of the soul will know why. It's scary to listen, but it's hard to argue.

Rare of the sons of men at that last Judgment can lift their eyes to Him who sits on the throne. Most will stand with their heads down. It is in the familiar earthly reality that we twist the threads of excuses and weave the laces of syllogisms. Everything will be easier and faster at that Court.

Do not think that we are talking about the absurd world of Josef K., who does not know why, and does not know who, but is already convicted and must die. Kafka described the inner world of a person who no longer believes in God and does not know who will judge him, but the very inexorability and inevitability of the court continues to be felt in the innermost depths of his heart. This is the inner tragedy of a man of the modern era. And then there really is an absurd situation, implicated in a sense of doom. But in our case, the Judge does not hide his face and does not hide the charges. As well as announcing in advance aloud what is needed to justify.

Nothing supernatural. You just need to understand that this world is not a place of enjoyment, but katorga and the vale of sorrows. People get sick, need food and clothes, suffer violence, sit in prisons, fight about thousands of petrified problems, like a fish on the ice. And you need to help people to bear their cross. We must cry with weeping and rejoice with those who rejoice. We need to share food, let them go under the shelter of travelers, visit the sick and worry about the prisoners. It is necessary, according to the words of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, that at the door of every happy man there was someone with a hammer and a knock at the door reminding the lucky man that the world continues to suffer, and many need help. Happy is obliged to be compassionate. At the door of our heart there is just one who is knocking and waiting to be revealed to Him. This is said in the Apocalypse, and the best that is in literature traditionally echoes what is in Scripture.

Christ is truly God, who became a man. He became one of us so that we could meet Him on a daily basis. As the legendary caliphs of antiquity dressed in simple clothes and walked around the city, mixed with the crowd, listened to the conversations, so our Lord mingled with us and walks daily among people unrecognized. He is in the reception of the polyclinic and at the bus station; It can be seen in the diner and in line at the window in the cash register.

We can dress Him, but we can take away the last shirt from Him. We can send Him into our home, but we can drive Him away from His living space and take possession of it criminally. We can come to Him in prison, but we can imprison Him and imprison him, or by a false verdict, or without trial and effect. We can beat Christ and heal Christ. We can intercede for the Only Begotten and we can push Him out of the way like a defenseless, blind old man. This will be the great news of the Day of Judgment. People suddenly find out that everything they have done is done to Christ personally. Personally, Christ was deceived, Christ personally interceded for Christ himself, Christ himself was robbed, personally, Christ was wiped with tears or bandaged wounds. Then the righteous will become dizzy and they will exhale in astonishment: "When did we see You hungry or thirsty, stripped or sick?" And He will answer them with amazing words, which every one of us must know by heart. Sinners will also croak. Their claims will be simple. "Would I beat your teeth if I knew that it was You? Would it be a shame to give You money if I knew You? "And so on, and so forth. But it is also the fault that they did not see, did not recognize, did not notice. We broke the bones of Ivan Ivanovich, but Christ cried. Wrote a denunciation of Peter Petrovich, and in the "funnels" at night they planted the Lord. And they did not recognize Him because they did not believe, did not think, did not listen to conscience. The Lord appears now in glory, who will not bow down before Him, who will refuse to serve Him? Careerists and sycophants will overtake everyone in order to be the first to kiss the impression of His foot on the earth's dust. But He was pleased to do otherwise. He hides His Face and is to us daily in a simple form, that those who have faith and carry in themselves grace, as a treasure in an earthen vessel, serve Him. That those who walk "by faith and not by sight" should truly be worthy of the reward.

Today, several times, each of us saw Christ and did not recognize Him. We habitually shake His hand and ask "how are you?" We pray to Him without noticing Himself. This is our blindness. This is the behavior of prisoners in the prison of selfishness. But the Word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than any two-edged sword and penetrates into our consciousness time after time, when the Gospel is read and preached. Christ is near. He incarnated is not illusory, but true and immutable. He can and must be served daily through the creation of the smallest, simplest good deeds, consciously committed by our neighbors with the memory of the Lord-Man.

The Christian world is a world of conscious philanthropy, which is born from the thought that before you in humble form is the King of heaven and earth. In the end, according to this criterion, He will treat us on that Court, the agenda of which is handed to us by faith, and whose date on the agenda has not yet been indicated.

"You believed in Me?" Have you been thinking about me? Did you notice My presence in everyday life? If so, I am wearing your gifted clothes and fed with your money. And if not, then I am robbed of you, deceived by you, humiliated by you. You personally or with your consent.

"And these go into everlasting punishment, the righteous to eternal life."

Archpriest Andrei Tkachev
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