Today: January 21 2019
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Two years later, a new football stadium should appear in Limassol

Two years later, a new football stadium should appear in Limassol

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It is expected that the construction of a new football stadium in Limassol will end in the middle of 2020. Use it will be possible with the beginning of the football season 2020 - 2021.

Despite the fact that the companies participating in the tender are well prepared, the president of the Cyprus sports organization Cleantis Georgiadis does not exclude the possibility of delays. In his opinion, they can arise either during the implementation of the project itself, or even at the time of consideration of the project by the Tender Review Office. If the project proposal is challenged first by the Office, and then by the court, as is customary in Cyprus, then there may be a very large delay that will affect the deadline for the project.

Two proposals were submitted for the construction of the new stadium in Limassol. The first offer, amounting to 31 490 000 euro plus VAT, belongs to the company ΤΕΚΑΛ Α.Ε. The second - the company CYFIELD -NEOPHYTOU JV, for the amount of 31 333 000 euro plus VAT. According to Georgiadis, the construction of the stadium will be fully covered by the state through the Cyprus Sports Organization.

In turn, football clubs Apollo, AEL and Aris will take the costs associated with attracting architects and researchers. The total cost of such costs is 1,3 million euros. The owner of the new football stadium will be all three football clubs through a joint venture, reports Philenews. If the European Commission does not approve such a decision, then the Cyprus Sports Organization will become the owner.

Elena Savchenko
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