Today: December 16 2018
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A week later in Limassol again "get up" buses

A week later in Limassol again "get up" buses

Tags: Cyprus, Transport, Strikes, Limassol

Drivers of the bus company EMEL announced a strike, which will be held in Limassol on 20 March. The protest will last 48 hours and will end on 21 March.

The statement of their unions says that drivers continue to insist on restoring the amount of wages to the level of 2014, when EMEL employees agreed with a temporary decrease in salaries and benefits. The drivers emphasize that this is not a matter of negotiations, but an action that the EMEL management is obliged to perform under the terms of the collective agreement concluded four years ago.

Workers EMEL gave a month to fulfill their requirements, but the result was not followed. On the contrary, the bus company attempted to remove all obligations under the contract and proposed to solve the problem of drivers to the Ministry of Transport. The Transport Ministry, in turn, is confident of the need to implement the agreement by the company.

Representatives of trade unions apologize to users of public transport and ask to understand that "they have no other way to fight for their rights."

Recall, this is the second protest action of EMEL employees. The first strike took place on 6 February.

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