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Four days for the announcement of the Cold War

Four days for the announcement of the Cold War

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The past week was unusually rich in events. London tried to provoke a big conflict, but Russia, President Trump and Syria were the winners. Most media deliberately kept silent, giving the floor to their governments.

The United Kingdom, although it possesses the fourth army in the world, can not challenge Russia without securing the support of its allies. To do this, the Kingdom must find a reason for war and involve its partners to act together with it.

The British government and some of its supporters, including Rex Tillerson, tried to unleash a cold war against Russia.

Their plan was to stage a suicide attack in Salisbury against a former dual agent and a chemical attack in Guta against "moderate rebels". The conspirators intended to take advantage of Syria's efforts to liberate the suburbs of the capital and disorganize the situation in Russia during the presidential election. Then the United Kingdom expected to urge the United States to strike at Damascus, including the residence of the Syrian president, and demand that the UN General Assembly expel Russia from the Security Council.

However, the Syrian and Russian intelligence agencies learned about these plans. They were convinced that those who were preparing a chemical attack in Gut were acting not at the behest of the Pentagon, but at the behest of another American service.

In Damascus, Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mikdad 10 organized a press conference to warn his fellow citizens of the impending provocation. Moscow, for its part, first tried to contact Washington through a diplomatic channel. However, realizing that the US ambassador John Huntsman jr. is the manager of the corporation Caterpillar, which supplies earth-moving equipment to jihadists, tried to bypass this channel.

Events developed as follows.

March 12 2018

The Syrian army seizes two chemical weapons production laboratories. The first 12 in March in Africa, and the second on the next day in Chiffon. At the same time, Russian diplomats are trying to get the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to investigate the crime committed in Salisbury.

About the gas "Novice" was aware of the reports of two Russian citizens - Lev Fedorov and Vil Mirzayan. Russian scientist Fedorov published in July 1992 in the newspaper "Top Secret" an article on the extreme toxicity of this substance and warned about the possibility of its use by the West to infect the environment in Russia and turn it into an unusable territory. In October 1992, in the newspaper Moskovskye Novosti, in conjunction with Mirzayanov, a specialist in countering foreign technical intelligence, he publishes a second article stating that some corrupt generals are engaged in the Novoye gas trade. For them it was not important who they sell this gas to. First, Mirzayan is arrested on charges of treason, but in the end they are released. Fedorov died in August of last year, and Mirzayanov emigrated to the United States and cooperated with the US Department of Defense.

Former Russian counter-intelligence officer Vil Mirzayanov currently resides in the United States. He is 83 years old, and he from Boston comments on the case of the poisoning of Skripal and his daughter.

The Noviye gas was created in the Soviet laboratory in Nukus on the territory of Uzbekistan. During the destruction of the Soviet Union, gas was destroyed by a group of American specialists. Thus, Uzbekistan and the United States had the opportunity to investigate samples of this substance, and, consequently, both these countries can produce it.

British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson calls the Russian ambassador in London Alexander Yakonenko. It requires checking during 36 hours, whether there is a shortage of "beginner" in Russian warehouses. The ambassador replied that Russia had destroyed all the stockpiles of chemical weapons left after the Soviet Union, and this fact was recorded in the OPCW by a protocol.

After a telephone conversation with Boris Johnson, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson condemns Russia in committing a suicide attack in Salisbury.

At this time, the UN Security Council is debating about the situation in Gut. US Permanent Representative Nikki Haley states that "About a year ago, after the chemical attack in Khan Sheikhune using the Syrian regime of sarin gas, the United States warned the Security Council. We stated that because of the systematic inaction of the international community, states are compelled to act independently. The Security Council did not take this into account, and the United States struck with cruise missiles at the air base, from which Al Assad committed this attack. Today we again repeat our warning. "

The Russian intelligence services make public the documents of the American headquarters. They testify that the Pentagon is ready to bombard the residence of the Syrian president and government agencies, as was done during the capture of Baghdad (from 3 on 12 April 2003)

Commenting on Nikki Haley's statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry, which has always considered the operation in Khan Sheikhun to be a "Western manipulation," reports that false information, with the help of which the White House was misled and forced to strike at the Al Shayrat base, was based on a British laboratory , which never pointed to the way in which it was obtained samples for research.

March 13 2018

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs publishes a communiqué condemning possible US military intervention and declares that if Russia's citizens suffer in Damascus, Moscow will give a proportional answer, since, according to the constitution, the Russian president is responsible for the safety of his citizens.

Acting around the diplomatic channels, the chief of the Russian General Staff, General Valery Gerasimov, during a telephone conversation with his colleague, American General Joseph Dunford, informs him of the chemical attack under preparation in false flag in East Gut. Dunford does not leave this information without attention and warns the Minister of Defense, General James Mattis, who reports this to President Trump. Believing the Russians that this despicable operation was prepared in secret from the Pentagon, the White House requires CIA Director Mike Pompeo to establish those responsible for its organization.

We do not know anything about the results of this investigation, but President Trump personally saw that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was involved in the case. The president demanded to interrupt his official trip to the countries of Africa and urgently return to Washington.

Theresa May sends a letter to the UN Secretary-General condemning Russia of committing a suicide attack in Salisbury and demanding the convocation of an emergency meeting of the Security Council. Without waiting for an answer, she announces the expulsion of 23 Russian diplomats.

In the book published before the terrorist act in Salisbury, Amy Knigt tells that in a month and a half will become a version of MI5. The author of the book stated that all the facts described by her are fictitious.

At the request of Ivetta Cooper, Chairman of the Internal Affairs Committee of the House of Commons, British Interior Minister Amber Rood said that the British counterintelligence service MINEXX will initiate 5 cases of murders committed, according to US sources, by the Kremlin.

Acting in this way, the British government reproduces the ideas of Professor Amy Knigt. 22 January 2018 this Sovietologist publishes a book with a strange title: "Orders to kill: Putin's regime and political murders." The author, who is considered to be a specialist in the former KGB, tries to prove that Vladimir Putin is a serial killer, and he is responsible for dozens of political murders, beginning with the terrorist attacks in Moscow in 1999 before the explosions at the Boston marathon in 2013, including the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko London in 2006 and Boris Nemtsov in 2015 g. However, the author acknowledges that she has no evidence to confirm these allegations.

Further, European liberals join the dances. Prime Minister of Belgium Guy Verhostadt, who heads the Belgian faction in the European Parliament, calls on the European Union to declare sanctions against Russia. His colleague, the head of the British party, Sir Vinch Cable offers the Europeans to boycott the World Cup. And Buckingham Palace states that the royal family will cancel its trip to Russia.

British media regulator Ofcom announces that this service is ready as a retaliatory measure to ban Russia Today channel, although it did not allow any violations of British legislation.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls the British ambassador in Moscow and informs him of the measures that will be immediately taken in response to the expulsion of Russian diplomats.

On his Twitter account, President Trump announces the dismissal of the Secretary of State, with whom he failed to work. In his place, he appoints Mike Pompeo, the former director of the CIA, who recently confirmed the authenticity of the information given to General Danford. Upon arrival in Washington, Tillerson confirms his resignation from the head of the White House, General John Kelly.

The former head of the largest multinational company ExxonMobil, Rex Tillerson, thought that he was not involved in what was happening. Therefore, the announcement of Donald Trump about his resignation was a surprise for him. He thought he was truly serving the Anglo-Saxon ideas, but the president considered him a traitor to the party.

Former Secretary of State Rex Tylerson - comes from the Texan bourgeoisie. He himself and his family were members of the organization of American scouts, and in the period 2010-2012 gg. he becomes its chairman. Belonging to his culture to England, at the time when he becomes president of the largest transnational oil company Exxon-Mobil, he does not hesitate to conduct a politically correct campaign to receive young gays in scouting and sending mercenaries to British Guinea. In the end, he will become a member of the pilgrims' society - the most prestigious Anglo-American club, headed by Queen Elizabeth II, many members of which were part of the Obama administration.

Being Secretary of State and having a good education, he gives greater credibility to Donald Trump, who in the highest world is considered a buffoon. In the end, he and the president have a conflict over three key issues that allow us to more clearly define what the conspirators actually planned:

  • Just like London and the Deep State of the United States, he considered it expedient to demonize Russia and strengthen the Anglo-Saxon power in Western Europe;
  • Like London, he believed that in order to implement the western colonization of the Middle East, it was necessary to support the Iranian president Sheikh Rohani as opposed to the Guide of the Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei. That is, he advocated the transaction 5 + 1;
  • Like the Deep State, he believed that the reorientation of North Korea to the United States must be done in secret and used to justify the presence of American troops, which in fact is directed against China. Therefore, he maintained official talks with Pyongyang, but opposed the meeting at the level of the heads of state.

March 14 2018

At a time when Washington is in shock, Theresa May again appears in the House of Commons with accusations, and British diplomats around the world through the NCOs are spreading information about them. Echoing the Prime Minister, deputy-blister Chris Leslie calls Russia an outlaw state and demands to suspend its activities in the UN Security Council. Theresa May is determined to bring this matter to the General Assembly, since only in this case it will be possible to circumvent the Russian veto.

At the request of the United Kingdom, the NATO Council is convened in Brussels. 29 member countries of the Alliance establish a link between the use of chemical weapons in Syria and the terrorist attack in Salisbury. They consider Russia "possibly" responsible for both of these incidents.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and United Kingdom Permanent Representative to NATO Sara Mackintosh. The last in the past - the head of the Department of Defense and Intelligence in the British Foreign Office. This post was postponed by Jonathan Allen, currently the UN Charge d'Affaires.

In New York, Russia's permanent representative, Vasily Nebenzia, suggests that members of the Security Council adopt a declaration on the conduct of an investigation into the Salisbury terrorist attack by OPCW representatives and in accordance with international procedures. However, the United Kingdom refuses to accept any text that does not mention Russia is "possibly" responsible for this act.

In the ensuing debates, the country was represented by United States Charge d'Affaires Jonathan Allen. This former agent MICXUMX created in the United Kingdom an information warfare service and actively supported Syrian jihadists. He said: "Russia has repeatedly interfered in the affairs of other countries, Russia has violated international law in Ukraine, Russia despises the right to life, as evidenced by the destruction of civil aircraft in the sky over Ukraine by Russian mercenaries, Russia defends the use of Assad chemical weapons ... The Russian state is responsible for this attempted murder. " France's Permanent Representative Francois Delattre, who, according to the decree of President Sarkozy, issued in violation of the law, passed an internship at the US State Department, recalled that his country had taken the initiative to put an end to the unpunished use of chemical weapons. He made it clear that this initiative is directed against Syria, but it can also turn against Russia.

Russian Permanent Representative Vasily Nebenzia reminded that this meeting was organized at the request of London, but it is open at the request of Moscow. He notes that the United Kingdom violates international law by discussing this matter with the Security Council, and no investigation is conducted in the OPCW. And if London could identify the gas "Novice", then it has a formula for this gas, and he himself is able to produce it. He recalls Russia's desire to cooperate with the OPCW in compliance with international procedures.

March 15 2018

The United Kingdom publishes a joint declaration signed the day before by France, Germany, as well as Rex Tillerson, who is still the Secretary of State of the United States. It again sounds British suspicion. It condemns the use of "an agent of neurotoxic military action, it seems, developed in Russia." It is noted that "it is very likely that Russia is responsible for this act."

The Washington Post publishes an article by Boris Johnson on the first page, and US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnushin announces new sanctions against Russia. The latter are not related to the Skripal case, but to accusations of interference in the internal affairs of the United States. However, in the decree, the Skripal case is used as evidence of Russia's secret machinations.

The young British Defense Minister Gavin Williamson says that after the expulsion of diplomats, Russia should "shut up". For the first time since the end of World War II, one of the leaders of one member state of the Security Council uses such expressions for another country that is a member of the Security Council. Sergei Lavrov comments on this as follows: "He is a charming young man. Probably, he wants to take a place in history, making such statements ... Maybe there is not enough education. "

Throughout its history, England, to protect its interests without hesitation, lied and violated the word given by it. Hence the French name "Cunning Albion" (from the Latin name of England).


For four days, the United Kingdom and its allies did not cease to send out messages about the new cold war.

However, Syria is not Iraq, and the United Nations is not the Big Eight, from which Russia is excluded because of the annexation of the Crimea and the support of Syria). The United States will not attack Damascus, and Russia will not be excluded from the Security Council. After leaving the European Union and refusing to sign the Chinese declaration on the silk road, the United Kingdom expects to restore its status by eliminating the competitor. With the help of fraud, it wants, according to Ms. May, to become a "Global Britain". But such tricks to increase their influence in the world is unlikely to succeed.

Translation: Eduard Feoktistov

Thierry Meyssan
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