Today: March 21 2019
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The number of tourists in Cyprus is growing, and their costs are decreasing

The number of tourists in Cyprus is growing, and their costs are decreasing

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Revenues of the Cyprus tourist sector in February 2018 year increased by 13% in annual terms, to 52,7 million euros. Such data are given by the Statistical Service of Cyprus, noting, however, that British tourists have significantly reduced their vacation budget.

For the first two months of this year, the revenues of the tourist sector increased by 11% compared to the same period last year, to 91,1 million euros.

The increase in incomes was noted against the backdrop of 23% increase in the number of visitors coming to rest in February and 8,4% decrease in the average amount spent by a tourist during the rest, up to 519,43 euro. At the same time, the average length of stay in Cyprus increased by 0,7 days, to 9,1 days.

Tourists from the UK, which is traditionally the largest market in Cyprus, in February this year spent 509,03 euro for their trip - by 28% less than a year earlier. On the other hand, tourists of the second largest market

Cyprus - Russian - increased their expenses by 11% in annual terms, up to 694,94 euro.

Expenses of visitors from Germany in February increased by 2,4% compared to last year, to 607,47 euro, from Greece - by 3,2%, to 349,40 euro. In turn, tourists from Israel, one of the fastest growing destinations for the Cyprus tourist sector, spent an average of 364,27 euros, which is 10% less than the same month 2017.

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