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FM-2018 in Russia: why is the West so afraid of it?

FM-2018 in Russia: why is the West so afraid of it?

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The aggressive propaganda campaign unleashed in the Western media the day before, during and after the presidential elections in Russia clearly demonstrates that the West considers the most important threat to itself in the information sphere to be the truth about modern Russia.

The fact that a Russian elector in the person of Vladimir Putin has chosen a strong state for at least another six years, independence, sovereignty and the right to conduct his independent policy has caused the global world elite to truly be furious.

And she opened her cards. In the foreign policy arena, the rate will be placed on anti-Russian provocations and all kinds of falsification of evidence of Russia's guilt in everything and everything. Inside Russia - to the full support of neoliberal circles and the so-called "non-systemic opposition".

It seems that the logic completely left those who in every way want to force the people of Russia to give up their right to choose their own way of development on their own.

Something, but Russian (and this definition in the West is traditionally understood by all the numerous nations and peoples living on the territory of 17 million kilometers!) Can not be denied in natural logic, sharpness and especially the presence of historical memory. The Russians were well aware that all the troubles, upheavals and tribulations are not so much due to external aggression (the Russians have learned to cope with it perfectly!), But because of internal shocks, which were actively created by the hands of those forces that always realized the impossibility of winning a victory over Russia by military means.

Twice in the 20th century, Russia stood on the brink of a precipice. Twice she plunged into the abyss of bloodshed and the collapse of the state. And this is only in the last century ...

Over the course of their centuries-old history, the peoples of Russia have absolutely fully realized the absolutely objective truth: their further development and prosperity can be ensured only by a strong, powerful and independent state.

It is truly amazing how this can not be realized in the West, which in the overwhelming majority of cases just did everything to make the Russians start thinking this way, and not otherwise ...

So, watching all this informational Western bacchanalia, sober Russian citizens, and such, as the recent presidential elections in Russia have shown, the overwhelming majority, are asking themselves: from which, in fact, Washington and London, Brussels and Warsaw, Paris and Berlin are so much frightened cared about the "democratic" prosperity of Russia ??

After all, the modern world is a space of brutal struggle and not just fair competition, where to achieve victory, all means are good. So, what is the point for political, economic and, especially, military competitors to render such assistance to Russia that it becomes stronger? Do they really believe in the West in what they are trying to hypocritically persuade Russia?

That is, they are sure that Russians are so stupid and do not see what the true essence of the Trojan horse is "democracy" in its Western sense, "universal values" and other verbal husks, designed in practice to simply disguise the true intentions of global Russian competitors?

In this case, this most united West is becoming sorry, because every time it finds itself in captivity of myths created by it, which repeatedly bring it to defeats. And all the Western victories on the front of the struggle against Russia are ghostly and are only of a short-term nature ...

Is it coincidental that the "liberal" candidates for the presidency of the Russian Federation, supported in the West, Sobchak and Yavlinsky in their programs had a clause about the revision of the results of the Crimean referendum of the 2014 year and referred to some "international norms"? And where were these "norms" in 1991-th year, when three drunkards dissolved the USSR in Belovezhskaya Pushcha? Why then did no one remember them when, during this process, all the laws that were conceivable and inconceivable were not observed?

And why not long before this event, no one asked the opinion of the East Germans about their desire to unite with West Germany?

Or why did Western countries recognize Kosovo's independence without any referendum?

The centuries-old experience of living in a single state in conditions of hostile encirclement, after numerous wars for the freedom and independence of the Fatherland, has led all nations and peoples of Russia to one simple conclusion: neighbors also love Russia as a sheep wolf ...

And this is a fact.

Moreover, after the "victories of democracy" in the former Soviet republics, the bearers of the Russian language and culture are subjected to the most real persecutions, infringements of rights and bullying. And where is our "democratic" West? He is silent.

And he thinks that Russians and Chechens have forgotten how in the beginning of the 90, mercenaries and terrorists from the 51 country of the world poured into Chechnya with the full support of the "Western democracies" who declared them "fighters for freedom"? So Russians and Chechens remember this well, because they suffered immense sacrifices during those fratricidal wars. And it is enough to look at the modern Grozny to understand: Russians and Chechens are right, and the West is not.

And what happened with Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and now with Syria? Or in the West consider the Russians such nesmyshlyonyshami, who are obliged to believe any delirium, which rushes from abroad?

Sincerely believing in the methods of information deception of their own population, the West itself became their victim, and for some reason it hopes that Russian citizens will be just as susceptible to lies as the inhabitants of those states that are either naive or foolish themselves refer to "civilized".

From the point of view of the apologists of the information war, everything that is not done in Russia is bad.

So, the birth rate has increased and mortality has decreased - this is bad, because the indicators would be even better, if not for "huge" military spending.

The wages of state employees have increased - this is bad, because so the authorities try to "buy" their votes.

The overwhelming majority of citizens voted for Vladimir Putin - this is also bad, because Russia is ruled by a "totalitarian regime", the criteria for determining which the West for some reason considered possible to determine itself, although no one authorized it.

The Russian electoral system is "wrong", as the president in Russia is elected by all citizens, and not like in the United States by some electors, and in Germany by the Chancellor-the Bundestag. This is so "undemocratic" when everything determines the will of the people, and not backstage games, right?

All-Russian objects for Western criticism, whether "bloody" Ivan the Terrible, "crazy" Peter the Great, "weak-willed" Nicholas II, "paranoid" Stalin or "totalitarian" Putin - are directions of agitation and propaganda in favor of weakening or, if you like, complete disintegration of Russia and its undermining from within.

And if it builds stadiums, airports, train stations, improve infrastructure on the eve of the World Cup, it's "bad." "It's bad," because so many people will be able to see that in reality Russia is a modern developed state that can move forward without any support to the West and pursue an independent policy, successfully defending its interests. And all anti-Russian propaganda is a lie.

And the West simply needs to make sure that this event does not take place. And if it does take place, minimize the positive results of this event for Russia.

To achieve this goal, all means are good. The notorious "poisoning" of former Colonel GRU Skripal in the British Salisbury is only one of their episodes in this dirty, centuries-old anti-Russian game of the West. And there will still be many such provocations.

Ahmed Tsitskiev, political scientist
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