Today: March 23 2019
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Tsipras left the answer to the question about the US military base in Crete

Tsipras left the answer to the question about the US military base in Crete

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Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras left the answer to the question of what agreements were reached during negotiations with US President Donald Trump on the military base in the Court in Crete.

"The military base in the Court in Crete, as we all know, has a special geostrategic significance that we use together, I believe that important work is already underway there and it needs to be modernized," said Cipras, responding to a joint press conference on the question of the Court. The live broadcast of the press conference was led by the Greek public television ERT.

Tsipras also said that the new doctrine of the multidimensional foreign policy of Greece has the main goal of increasing the role of Greece in the region.

"Greece plays the role of a reliable ally of the United States, at the same time it has a unique feature, it can talk with the Arab world, with other countries of the East." Greece is not just a NATO member, it is a useful ally and the US, "Cipras said.

According to him, Greece is a pillar of stability in an unstable region. He named Israel and Egypt, as well as Cyprus, with which Greece strengthens relations, as the most important allies in the region for establishing peace and strengthening security.

The military base of the Court plays a strategic role for the United States in the Mediterranean. Vessels, unlike most other bases, can receive aircraft carriers. Now the agreement on the use of the database is extended annually. As reported by RIA Novosti sources in Athens, the US would like to extend the agreement for five years. In response, Greece asks for investment and military assistance.

In addition, the US would like to receive the second base in Greece. In particular, now we are talking about Castelli, also in Crete. Here, the United States would like to deploy unmanned aerial vehicles for operations in the Middle East.

Gennady Melnik
RIA News
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