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Tsipras is waiting for investment in Greece

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras expressed confidence that the members of the Eurogroup, held 22 May will give a positive assessment of reforms that are carried out in the country, after which Athens will be able to achieve debt review.

Greece can not achieve the completion of the second phase of the evaluation of reforms since December. Without this it is impossible to obtain new loans needed to service the huge national debt that exceeds 320 billion euros.

"The information I get, says that 22 May we get a positive result. So good, that maybe I was forced to wear a tie, "- said Tsipras in an informal conversation with the media.

Recall that the Greek Prime Minister fundamentally do not wear a tie. In the 2015, he promised that he would wear a tie only after the revision will achieve debt. Since then, European colleagues to meet Tsipras gave ties.

Tsipras said his trip to China and welcomed the results of the visit. According to him, the Chinese are particularly interested in investing in Greece. "If 22 of May we will achieve a positive result, including on the issue of the ECB's quantitative easing program, we will have an investment tsunami", - the head of government said.

He also pointed out that now the cost of ten-year bonds reached their lowest level for the entire period of the crisis, and after the completion of the second phase of the evaluation of reforms interest rates on them are lower than 5% - that will not be exorbitant price, to allow Greece to borrow on foreign markets. Tsipras also expressed hope that Greece will be able to return to the markets before summer 2018 years.

Meanwhile, today the Greek Parliament will vote for the unpopular bill to austerity measures in the amount of 4,9 billion euros, a reduction of pensions and salaries, to conduct collective layoffs, higher taxes and social reform.

A source: newsbomb

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