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CNN: Ivanka Trump goes to Berlin to make friends with Angela Merkel

Ivanka Trump during a visit to Germany is going to visit the Women's Summit "twenty", as well as dinner with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. This may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, CNN said.

US President's daughter Ivanka Trump, at the same time is his assistant, on Tuesday will arrive in Berlin, CNN reported. The purpose of the visit is participation in the women's summit "twenty", the so-called W-20, which this year will be held for the first time. One of the initiators of the new format, dedicated to the issues of women's entrepreneurship and governance, is German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who personally invited Ivanka in Germany.

In addition to speaking at the summit in Ivanka planned dinner with Merkel visit the Technical akademiiSiemens and Holocaust Memorial. CNN notes that the independent trip abroad, the president's daughter - a non-trivial case for American political life. According to the TV channel, the real purpose of the visit - to emphasize the importance, as well as to strengthen the US-German relations. "This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship" - he emphasizes the broadcaster.

Recall, Ivanka Trump is actively involved in the work of the new US administration and even accepted the terms comply with all ethical standards of federal employees. She and her husband is one of the few who can influence the decision of Donald Trump. So, it was reported that Ivanka is largely influenced the decision of the head of the White House to put the missile attacks on the airfield Shayrat in Syria.

Ivanka trip to Germany was preceded by a meeting of Donald Trump and Angela Merkel in the US, during which the two leaders failed to reach an understanding on issues such as illegal immigration and defense of NATO countries are sometimes far apart. Trump even refused to shake the hand of his guest.

A source: LOOK

Author: Nikita Kovalenko

Tags: Trump, Politics, Merkel, Germany, International Relations, Economics

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