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CNN: Syria to move their aircraft closer to the Russian base

The Syrian authorities have relocated their warplanes closer to the Russian military base "Hmeymim" to protect them from the attacks of the coalition. It is reported by CNN, citing military sources in the United States.

The TV channel said that Damascus broke into the Russian base area "most or all of their military aircraft", without specifying the exact number.

"Syrian President Bashar Assad is looking for way to protect the Kremlin", - CNN says.

According to journalists, the Syrian authorities to believe that the United States and the coalition did not dare to strike in the vicinity of "Hmeymim".

On the night of April 7 the US Navy attacked 59 cruise missiles "Tomahawk" on the basis of the Syrian Air Force Shayrat near the city of Homs. According to various sources, were killed between seven and ten people, including civilians.

President Donald Trump called it a "proportionate response" to the chemical attack in Idlib, in which the Americans accuse Damascus. Moscow condemned Washington's actions, describing them as aggression against a sovereign state.

A source: RIA News

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