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Cyta granted the Cypriots the 4.5G connection

Cyta granted the Cypriots the 4.5G connection

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State Telecommunications Company Cytapresented Updated to 4.5G version of the mobile Internet, saying that it was part of a complete upgrade of their mobile telephony network.

At a press conference in his headquarters in Nicosia, the head of the company Ren Ruwita-Pano said that in terms of its public character, Cyta is obliged to move forward "with speed, flexibility, efficiency and business orientation in a tough competitive environment."

"Cyta again proves that it exists and will remain the leading leader in the evolution of communication," she said.

"Thanks to this new generation of networks, Cyta is again at the leading position in the communications field."

Executive Director Michalis Achilleos said that evolution is an ongoing process for Cyta, which is why "it continues to bring more and more solutions that can make its networks an important platform for innovation and growth, but more to transform and expand the boundaries of human interaction" .

"Cyta turns trends into actions and meets the needs of customers that require flexibility, ease and speed," he said.

Technology 4.5G is a reliable function of the updated network Cytamobile-Vodafone, noted TV host Panagiotis Hadjidakis.

According to the technical characteristics of the Cyta is one of the best, said senior technology and information systems specialist Krisis Finiotis.

"Thanks to its wide coverage, 95% network 3G and 75% network 4G, customers will be able to take advantage of the fastest and most technologically advanced mobile telephony network in Cyprus," Finiotis said.

He added that the new 4.5G product is now available from 50 base stations in all urban centers and major tourist areas around the island, thus serving the majority of customers at speeds up to 525 Mbit / s. And very soon the technological capabilities that the 4.5G network will allow the company to provide its customers with the speed up to 700 Mbit / s.

The senior director of commercial service Янис Кулиас has told, that "the sharp increase in speed will raise efficiency and will accelerate connection of all personal clever devices in a uniform ecosystem".

"The new 4.5G network changes the daily life of customers on a practical level, as it offers them an extremely high speed internet surfing, fast music and video downloads, accelerated social networking and much more," said Kulias.

A necessary requirement for the full use of the 4.5G network is a compatible smartphone, he added, before promulgating the proposals created for all Cytamobile-Vodafone Red clients over the next three months.

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