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Dagens Industri: The European Commission has opened "Gazprom" all doors

EU authorities will no longer obstruct "Nord Stream - 2», writes Dagens Industri. As the newspaper notes, in order to avoid a 'legal vacuum', the European Commission hope to sign an agreement with Russia, which will act all the provisions of the EU energy policy.

The European Commission gave a green light to the project "North Stream - 2» and said that he would not repair legal obstacles, writes Dagens Industri.

«We do not like"Nord Stream-2 »for political reasons. But, despite this, the commission had no legal reason to oppose it"- he said in an interview with Dagens Industri representative of the European Commission for Energy Anna-Kaisa Itkonen.

Deputy Head of the Foreign Economic "Gazprom" Dmitriy Handoga Department believes that there are no obstacles left before the project, but in the future a lot of work. For example, it will be necessary to obtain permission and approval from the national government agencies, the newspaper said.

For a long time a new gas box of "Gazprom" was a priority for Europe. However, the desire to hold the pipeline has faced strong resistance - more political than economic, the newspaper notes. In addition, the fear of losing revenue from the transit against the project made by the Baltic States and Eastern Europe.

«The Russian side also wants to remove a variable from the Ukrainian European energy equation and permanently moored to Europe as an important export market, - says Martin Krag of the Swedish Foreign Policy Institute. -Such priorities set itself the Russian political leadership».

At the end of the year 2014 because of the resistance of the European Commission failed project "South Stream", according to which the pipeline was supposed to go under the Black Sea. However, now it seems that the Russian gas giant in the Baltic Sea have opened all the doors, writes Dagens Industri.

«Some countries and companies are not against the construction of a new pipeline. It is not only "Gazprom", but also companies in Germany, the Netherlands and several other countries- said Martin Kragh. -Over the next 20 years in Europe, gas production will be reduced by half, so it seems,( "Nord Stream - 2». -RTeconomically necessary».

«It is also an important issue for Poland and the Baltic countries. They are heavily dependent on Russian gas, and"Northern stream-2 »this problem can not be solved"- said the assistant professor of Hloya Le Coq of the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics.

Scientist also indicates the advantages of "Northern stream - 2», in particular the possibility to diversify transport gas line in Europe, according to the publication.

«The purchase of Russian gas - it's not a long term commitment. The fact that the Commission speaks openly about it, it seems to me reasonable, - she added. -I do not understand why everyone is so nervous. It is well to have an alternative».

Nevertheless, the European Commission aims to prevent a possible "legal vacuum"Around the pipeline and hopes that it will be able to sign an agreement with Russia, which will include the provisions of the EU energy policy, the newspaper said.

A source: RT

Author: InoTV

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