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Daily Sabah: Turkey will not allow US to arm "Kurdish terrorists" in Syria

By supplying Kurdish troops with weapons, the United States in fact has already formed in Syria not just another "terrorist organization", but a whole "small army", said Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmush. He stressed that Washington's promises to "collect back" all the weapons provided to the Kurds after the victory over the IG do not inspire confidence. He also warned that Ankara will not silently observe the shelling that Kurdish armed formations are carrying out from the territory of Syria and take decisive measures, Daily Sabah writes.

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmush stated that his country will take retaliatory measures "Against any hostile actions", Justifying the preparatory measures of the Turkish forces for military operations in the north-west of Syria, according to the Daily Sabah. According to the Turkish politician, Kurdish armed units in Syria threaten the security of Turkey.

"This is not the proclamation of war. We are preparing to reflect potential threats. These are legal measures to protect our independence ", - stressed Kurtulmush. He also said that Ankara can not silently observe how the Kurdish formations are firing rockets from the territory in the vicinity of the city of Afrin in northwestern Syria, the article says.

The Turkish military, who in August last year took positions in northern Syria near Africa, also said that over the past few weeks they had repeatedly opened fire in response to shelling by members of the Kurdish armed "Self-Defense Forces," writes Daily Sabah . At the same time, it is these Kurdish groups that focus on the United States in order to drive out the militants of the terrorist group "Islamic State" * from the city of Rakka, the article says.

According to the Turkish vice-premier, the Kurdish "Self-Defense Forces" threaten Turkey, and this is their "Main goal". Therefore, Ankara will take retaliatory measures if it considers that Kurdish armed groups in Syria pose a threat to it, Kurtulmush stressed: "For us, this is not a fantasy ... it is an inevitable approach to protect the security of the Turkish borders", - quotes his statement Daily Sabah.

The press secretary of the Turkish president Ibrahim Kalin also expressed concern in this regard, urging the Turkish military "without hesitation" to take decisive measures in case of detection of any terrorist threat in the region, the article says.

At the same time, Washington continues to provide active support to the "People's Self-Defense Forces", which Ankara considers a "terrorist group" and accuses of links with the Kursk Workers Party banned in Turkey. And this has a negative impact on bilateral relations, Daily Sabah notes. In October 2015, the US first threw 50 tons of weapons and ammunition from the air to Kurdish detachments. After that, they continued to supply the Kurds with heavy weapons, especially in recent months, to support their advance on the position of the IG in the area of ​​Rakki.

The Ministry of Defense of Turkey reported that the Pentagon had previously tried to assure Ankara: after defeating the "Islamic State", he would collect all the American weapons provided to the Kurds. However, Turkey believes that these promises should not be trusted. "There has never been a precedent for any group in the Middle East to be armed, and then this weapon was returned", The Turkish Deputy Prime Minister reminded.

He stressed that the United States has already formed in Syria is not easy "Terrorist organization", But in fact "Small army". Kurtulmush also warned the Kurds against any attempts to expel Arabs or other nationalities from territories under their control, saying that this would be considered "ethnic cleansing", and such measures would not be of use to Syria, according to the Daily Sabah.

* The "Islamic State" (IG) is a terrorist group banned in Russia (note RT).

A source: InoTV

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