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Damascus is thinking over a retaliatory blow to the US Air Force, felling under Raccoigh

Syria, 19 June. Syrian air defense can strike back on American aircraft - that's what they think in Moscow. The number of armed formations seeking peace has increased by four. The US deployed a large base in the southeast of Syria, but it is unclear why.

Return Damascus

After the US-led coalition shot down a Syrian airplane in the area of ​​Rakki, the reaction from Damascus and Moscow was immediate. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was brief: Washington should coordinate its attacks with partners and official Damascus. Otherwise, it turns out strange. Su-22 simply carried out an operation against the terrorists of the "Islamic state" * (the Arab name is the DAISH, it is banned in the territory of the Russian Federation) - but was shot down.

"The zones of de-escalation are one of the options for joint advancement. Therefore, let us avoid unilateral actions, respect the sovereignty of the Syrian republic and get involved in our common work coordinated with the Damascus government, "Lavrov stressed.

The coalition forces have already repeatedly attacked government forces and their allies, as if forgetting to coordinate with the Assad operations in the country. The same Russia, Iran and Turkey so lightly do not act.

In Sovfed, they already assume different things: for example, if US attacks on the Syrian Armed Forces continue, then the Syrian air defenses can follow. For example, C-300 - on American aircraft. At least, this is the opinion of the first deputy chairman of the International Affairs Committee Vladimir Jabarov.

It's clear that Washington is trying to maximally obelitsya and make an innocent person. According to representatives of the US Central Command, the coalition contacted the Russian military immediately after it shot down the Syrian fighter. I got on the phone - "through the channel to reduce the level of conflicts." The logic is strange: we are not in conflict with Damascus and its allies, but we will continue to mess up from time to time. Covering, of course, the fight against terrorism. Therefore, at the headquarters of the coalition, the words about the destruction of militants from IGIL are heard more and more loudly *

Storm of Rakki started

A little bit about two important news on the Syrian front. Over the past day, four agreements have been signed in the republic with the leaders of the group "Ahrar ash Sham" (banned in Russia) operating in the province of Aleppo. Now they will join the regime of cessation of hostilities. This is reported by the newsletter of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. Now the number of armed formations intending to contribute to peace has increased to 223.

At the same time, pro-government forces clashed with Arab-Kurdish forces in the "Forces of Democratic Syria" at 40 kilometers south-west of Rakki. There began shootings between the sides, which go near the settlements of Suwayhan and Jayadin. Earlier, the Kurdish troops began the assault of Rakki.

Window dressing from the USA

The US deployed a large base in the south-east of Syria, in the Badia region in south-east Syria. This base is going to be used by the US special operations forces and the fighters of the "Free Syrian Army" (SSA). Here, too, the Americans dropped rocket launcher systems. All these movements are explained by the struggle with IGIL, however, after the successful offensive of the allied SAA units towards the Syrian-Iraqi border, the US does not directly contact the militants. How then should we all understand this?

Experts explain: Americans have lost the fight for this part of Syria and are now trying to show that they can somehow preserve their face. Damascus managed to restore ground communications with Iraq, and the pro-government forces' roll to the border was vital: so the government forces did not allow the pro-American fighters from the SSA to get out to the Palmyra-Deir-ez-Zor highway. Otherwise, they could seriously complicate the operation to release Deir-ez-Zor.

It turns out that now the Americans have no one to shoot at - the emerging MLRS look expensive and unnecessary toy. It is difficult to imagine that someone suddenly started a war with the United States for a piece of desert. The threat from the southeast to the Syrian command can be forgotten. There are other directions - for example, in the east of the province of Aleppo, where the Syrian army attacks Rakku.

* The organization is banned in the territory of the Russian Federation.

A source: Federal Agency News

Author: Maxim Vruchny

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