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Defense News: US military deployed in Syria, with the mission "to restrain and calm"

US forces have taken on a new role in Syria, and now the "small number of troops on the" need to prevent the escalation of violence among the many militias and other forces facing an increasingly inflames the battlefield, said portal Defense News.

Pentagon spokesman Navy Capt. Jeff Davis said the night before that the "small number" of US military deployed on the western outskirts of the city manbij in northern Syria, to "calm down and keep" the conflicting parties.

Earlier, Turkish authorities reported that they plan to complete the operation "Shield Euphrates" in Syria after taking manbij. On the eve of Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said that Turkey considers its military operation in manbij inappropriate without coordination with Russia and the United States.

As noted the other day the newspaper VIEW, continues to receive unofficial information that the United States is going to start a large-scale ground operation in Syria - in particular, such information is published The Washington Post. Add that to the end of February at the Munich security conference, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that Washington had made a proposal to send to Syria limited contingent of special forces to support local security forces.

US troops deployed not offensive and not a defensive purpose, a mission designed to avoid increasing tension, which is only provoke a new wave of violence in the north of Syria, said Pentagon spokesman Geoff Davis, whose portal quoted Defense News.

"It is a visible reminder for those who want to provoke a fight, the only fight that should have a place right now - with IG militants *" - Davis said.

"Manbij - hot Syria point. Turkey argues that the city has the Syrian Kurdish fighters, which it considers a threat to its own security between the United States deny the presence of Kurds in the city. Also in the area are government Syrian troops, backed by Russia, as well as the Syrian and Arab fighters, which provide support for the US "- said Defense News.

The mission "for calm and restrain" - a makeshift way to prevent the escalation of the Syrian conflict and focus opposition groups in Turkey and Syria to fight against the IG, but not to each other. The deployment of US military occurred before joining Donald Trump's office, Davis added.

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Author: Marina Baltachevo

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