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Defense News: Why Trump 350 warships

Trump intends to return to the traditions of the American military strategy, and to increase the power of the fleet, increasing its population to a few dozen ships.

President Donald Trump makes a special rate on the Navy, according to the authors of Defence News. In particular, he intends in the coming years to increase the number 30 warships with up to 272 350 (plans for its predecessor, Barack Obama was much more modest - 308 ships). With this strategy Trump edition links and his recent visit to the aircraft carrier "Gerald R. Ford", which should soon be put into operation.

Aiming to build Trump to build a more powerful global fleet is well within the tradition of US military strategy. They are based on the concept that the US Navy will help promote strong interest around the world.

However, what specific goals the Trump, relying on a fleet is not fully understood, say the authors of Defence News. Is this part of a strategic plan, or simply the desire to have more military power? And as far as Washington meets modern needs?

Even taking into account the intentions of the president of the United States to increase its military budget on 54 billion dollars, this will not be enough to ensure that the ambition for the construction of several dozen ships. One only "Gerald R. Ford" cost about 13 billion dollars. Accordingly, to achieve the number of ships in 350, Trump administration is likely to go on spending cuts to foreign aid, environmental protection and NGOs content. Such measures caused sharp criticism in American political circles.

Recall, as the newspaper VIEW, after his visit to the aircraft carrier "Gerald R. Ford" Trump criticized in social networks on the part of veterans and military personnel, retired for what appeared in public in uniform.

A source: LOOK

Author: Nikita Kovalenko

Tags: USA, Trump, Ships, Navy, Navy

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