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Latvians demographer predicted the disappearance of one hundred years

At current levels of fertility and mortality in the population of Latvia can disappear in a hundred years. This was stated by a demographer, Head of Riga office of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Ilmars Mezs, transfers edition Latvijas Avize.

"In each generation the number of people less than in the previous year. No need to be an expert to realize that this is forever can not continue. Over the past five years Latvia has lost 92 000 people - about 5 percent of the population. Based on these data, we can predict that we left about a hundred years ", - the expert said.

Ilmar Mezs stressed that this trend can be changed. "If every family would be at least two, and preferably three children, the number of Latvians will remain unchanged, and a hundred years later," - said demographer.

6 May his colleague Peteris Zvdrinsh said in an interview with "MK-Latvia" that the country has entered the top ten countries in terms of population decline. Annual depopulation of the country he estimated at one percent of the total population.

In April Mezs he expressed the opinion that the majority of those who left the republic's residents will not return, the website EurAsia Daily.
According to him, Latvia can not boast of positive examples of emigrants return to their homeland.

Latvia has a population of about 1,9 million.

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