Today: December 16 2018
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The Department of Environmental Protection of Cyprus blocked the construction of Per Pedi

The Department of Environmental Protection of Cyprus blocked the construction of Per Pedi

Tags: Cyprus, Ecology, Construction

The Department of Environmental Protection of Cyprus has blocked a large-scale construction project in the area of ​​the village of Pera Pedi (Limassol) in the Troodos Mountains. This is reported by Cyprus Mail with reference to local media.

Recall that the total area of ​​the site for the project is almost 200 thousand square meters. m, of which 24 thousand sq. m are planned for building. The project provides for the construction of a hotel, a spa, five private villas, a church and stables.

As the newspaper writes, the department considered that the construction will irreversibly damage the landscape and biodiversity of the region and that cutting down more than 2 100 trees necessary for the project is "unprecedented in Cyprus standards". The Office also points out the possibility of water pollution in the Kuris reservoir, given that the site for the project is located next to the Pera Pedi reservoir.

The attention of the public to the building in Pera Pedi last year was also attracted by the fact that one of the sites bought out for the purposes of the project belonged to the President of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis and his family members. Now the land is managed by the company Parnitha Development Ltd, founded in 1979 and subsequently acquired by Leonid Burym, who obtained the citizenship of Cyprus under the program for investors in 2015.

The investigation of the Office of the Auditor General against the President initiated by the latter did not reveal any conflict of interests or facts of obtaining unauthorized benefits. However, in the final conclusion of the Geneaditor, it is indicated that there is a procedural violation: the application for construction, filed 17 January 2017 year, is signed not by all owners of the land on which the resort will be located. Specifically, there is not enough signature of Anastasiadis himself, who is formally still a co-owner of one of the plots (permission for division of the plot is filed, but not yet issued). Without it, the application should not have been considered at all.

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