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The Department of Water Resources of Cyprus again asks citizens to save water

Yesterday, the Department of Water Resources of Cyprus appealed to consumers of water with a request to spend water sparingly, as the fullness of the Cyprus reservoirs is at a low level, Cyprus Mail reports.

Rains that have passed in the mountains in Cyprus since October 2017, brought to the dams of the province of Paphos - Asprokremmos, Kannaviou and Mavrokolymbos, 1,25 million cubic meters of water. Now their fullness is only 19%. Last year was 39%.

The reservoirs of Evretou, Argaka and Ayia Marina are now filled with 30%. In them from 1 October 84 thousand cubic meters of water flowed over the weekend. Last year, the fullness was 43,7%.

In other reservoirs the situation is not better. In the biggest dam of Cyprus, Kouris is now 9,2 million cubic meters of water. Its capacity is 115 million cubic meters.

Despite the fact that by spring the situation with water can be corrected, everything depends on the weather, now the situation with freshwater resources in Cyprus is depressing. The Department of Water Management of Cyprus asks citizens not to waste water without necessity and not to pour it "on sidewalks and cars".

A source: Cyprus Butterfly

Author: Gleb Nekrasov

Tags: Cyprus, Water, Society, Resources