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Deputies refused to abolish high taxes for the Holy Mountain Athos

Deputies refused to abolish high taxes for the Holy Mountain Athos

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Parliamentarians failed to vote on the bill on exemption from taxes Athonite monasteries ...

The Greek authorities believe that the Athonite monasteries, which All year round, thousands of pilgrims from all over the world, Must pay taxes on real estate at the level of profitable houses, clubs and cafes and refuse to alleviate the plight of the monasteries, many of whom, because of high payments, are forced to restrict their activities.

During the next session of the Greek parliament, the proposal to change the taxation order of Athonite monasteries was discussed, but parliamentarians failed this vote, reports Agionoros.Ru.

The bill proposed by three party deputies SYRIZA, "Independent Elines"And"Union of Centrists"Provided for the exemption from taxes of all real estate properties of Athonite monasteries (on the Holy Mountain and beyond). However, the proposal to abolish the tax on large immovable property did not receive the required number of votes.

This means that the financial hanging on the neck of Athos monasticism will remain in the future, hindering their enlightenment and charitable activities.

The problem of high tax rates for Athos monasteries is currently one of the main topics of the bilateral discussion between the Greek government and the administration of the Holy Mountain Athos.

The reason for the conflict was the new tax legislation adopted by the Greek government in 2012. Among other things, it provides for the taxation of the monasteries of Mount Athos monasteries outside the Holy Mountain on the territory of Greece.

The value of these assets is estimated at several million euros, which means that payment of taxes for real estate places a heavy burden on the shoulders of the brotherhood of Athonite monasteries.

The problem is particularly acute when the immovable property of Mount Athos monasteries outside Mount Athos allows monks to annually receive thousands of pilgrims, and their sale or closure is not possible.

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