Today: December 14 2018
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Der Standard: Ukraine is in a critical situation due to the IMF

Der Standard: Ukraine is in a critical situation due to the IMF

Tags: Ukraine's economy, the IMF, the Credit Analysis, Reforms

Demand for new loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has put Ukraine in a critical situation, writes the Austrian newspaper Der Standard.

"Ukrainian Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman was in a difficult situation: he needs the IMF loans, but the requirements demanded by the fund - tough and unpopular in Kiev", - says the publication.

Now the Ukrainian government is negotiating with the IMF on the third tranche. Previously, the Fund decided to suspend payment of loans to Ukraine as Kiev is painfully slow to implement reforms, the article says.

Recently assistant Groisman Ivan Miklos said that "there is progress" in the negotiations. IMF ready to give the third tranche of credit, but instead require improved pension reform, in particular to increase the retirement age. In the spring, the Ukrainian government has stated twice that the item in the list of requirements of the IMF is not included.

Groisman For further raising the retirement age - a very delicate question. The degree of social unrest in Ukraine is growing, although the pension for life is not enough in the past, said the Austrian edition.

The pressure on the prime minister all the increases. His approval rating is low, and he, according to the Kiev political analyst Alexander Kava, is entirely in the shadow of President Petro Poroshenko, writes Der Standard.

The situation worsens for the prime minister and the recent regular increase in utility tariffs. "The government has been an increase in rates, but does not increase the standard of living", - said Kawa edition.

The word "reform", thus, has become a dirty word for Ukraine, said the analyst.

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