Today: March 22 2019
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Deripaska v. Soros

Deripaska v. Soros

Tags: USA, Analytics, Economics, Politics

Deripaska goes to the warpath with Soros. Personally.

In an article written for the ultra-conservative pro-Tramp portal Daily Caller, Deripaska actually accuses Soros of the fact that he (along with a group of "billionaires from the Silicon Valley") financed Fusion GPS, whose Trump dossier became the starting point for all hysterics over Russia's interference in the US elections, as well as the entire FBI investigation, in which Trump employees were put on "wiretapping."

On finishing off, Deripaska says that Barack Obama and Victoria Nuland are members of the so-called "deep state" - that is, the American shadow political organization that manages the US, regardless of the will of elected presidents, senators, and so on. The US media have spent a huge amount of effort to convince readers that the "deep state" is a myth, a city legend and a conspiracy theory. Deripaska gave millions of Americans who (not without reason) believe in the existence of this "organization", another serious motive not to believe American officialdom. It is clear that Deripaska will now be "strangled" with additional sanctions, but now the American "anti-establishment" has a new hero. The fact that this is a Russian oligarch is a kind of irony of fate and grimace of the epoch of political postmodernity. But the move is uniquely strong. In the US non-mainstream infopole news has already exploded as a real information bomb.

In the comic film "Wag the Dog", the fictitious president of the United States is on the verge of losing the election over a real scandal. Therefore, the political doctor and the Hollywood producer, hired by his campaign, instead distract the public, producing the "appearance of war" with Albania. The doctor-spin explains: "This is not a war, it's a competition. We need a theme, a song - some visual effects. " The manufacturer ascribes to Albania a false motive against the United States: "They want to destroy our way of life! "The plot line continues to change in order to explain the emerging, uncomfortable realities.

The ever-changing "Russian narrative" in American politics is the current scenario of "Wag the Dog". Technology and the breakdown of evidence-based journalism allow an amazingly small number of people to destroy bilateral or multilateral relations. Their motivation to move from uncomfortable reality to their desired reality is energy and military-industrial commercial interests.

When I attended the Munich Security Conference in February, an extraordinary, coordinated message from a group of US senators was led by moderator Victoria Nuland, former assistant secretary of state under President Barack Obama, as: "Profound supporters of pride, broad confidence in continuity." One of the experts, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (DR.I.), said: "What the Breitbart crowd would call" Deep State "is what many of us call" knowledgeable professionals ". In fact, the message of the group was the same: Ignore Donald Trump and increase your defense budget to 2 percent, because generals who are "operating policies" remain in effect.

When you owe the world 18 trillion dollars, the only way to get them to "pay 2 percent for protection" is to produce a boogeyman. The Russian writer and pacifist Leo Tolstoy noted: "There is no war that has not been hatched by governments, governments that are independent of the interests of the people."

What was unethically called the "Deep State" is in fact: a shadow government carried out by a small number of people from the media, business, government and the intelligence community, imposing provocative and cynically false manipulations on the public. From these manipulations, the agenda of their own design of these architects is born.

Unfortunately, I personally know this group. Before they moved to their current, more ambitious ambitions to return the results of the presidential election to the US, they attacked me and others from the shadows for two decades. The different story lines and roles they created for me can not stand the attention and are internally inconsistent, but they just follow the book "Wag the Dog": we do not need this to be true. We need to distract them.

President Theodore Roosevelt once warned: "For an allegedly functioning government, an invisible government sits on the throne, unfaithful and not accepting any responsibility to the people. The first task is to destroy this invisible government, to nullify the wicked union between the corrupt business and corrupt politics. "

Distraction can no longer disguise these "wicked alliances". The wife of the central architect of the "Russian Narrative" of the Ministry of Justice secretly worked for Fusion GPS. Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson tried - according to his own methods in Congress - to influence the US presidential election in 2016 and its consequences, to attack Russia and "embarrass" me and create problems for the company that I founded.

This inconvenient disclosure required a new storyline. Former chairman of the Democratic National Committee and CNN commentator Donna Brasilee attacked a memorandum prepared by the Speaker of the House of Representatives Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) On television as a "weapon of classified information." The irony is that someone who once led an organization that allegedly rigged the primary process of nominating candidates and was fired from CNN for allegedly rigging presidential debates is currently releasing "Russian-language" stories.

The hero of the Second World War and former US Senator Daniel Inoue (D-Hawaii) once remarked in another context: "There is a shadow government with ... its own mechanism for raising funds." Waving a dog costs money. So, who is the "financing mechanism" for this "shadow government"?

Simpson Fusion GPS in The New York Times, in which he described his testimony on the Judicial Committee, claimed that the neoconservative website "and the Clinton campaign" were "republican and democratic sponsors of our Trump research." Senator of the Judiciary Committee, Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.), And then unilaterally released due to the objection of Senator Chancellor R-Iowa, chairman of the committee, Simpson's testimony of "setting the record straight". Fusion GPS "praised Senator Feinstein for her courage."

However, on 16 March 2017, Daniel Jones, a member of the Fusion GPS team, a self-described former FBI agent and, as we now know from the media, a former Feinstein employee, met with his lawyer Adam Waldman and described Fusion as "shadow media "an organization that helps the government", financed by a "group of billionaires from Silicon Valley" and George Soros. " My lawyer witnessed these facts in the Senate Intelligence Committee 3 November. Mr. Soros, not accidentally, is also a defender of two NGOs, Ethics Watchdog (Democracy 21 and CREW), who attack the Memorandum of the Nunes Committee.

A former Obama State Department official, Nuland, was recently elected as another player in the shadows, reviewing and disseminating the Fusion dossier and reportedly hundreds of other dossiers for several years. "Deep proud Loyalists", apparently, were a Freudian slip, and not a joke.

He invented narratives - not "people, people, people," but most likely from a few people hidden in the same hypocritical rhetoric of "freedom" and "democracy" that they actively undermine - the international joint efforts on the most pressing and pressing issues of peace , such as global health, climate change and the future of energy. My own "Mother Russia" has many problems and problems, and my country is still in a transitional stage from the Soviet regime - a transition that definitely wants us to stay indefinitely.

But we need to stop this old movie.

Oleg Deripaska is the founder of UC Rusal, the world's leading aluminum producer using clean, renewable hydropower.

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