Today: January 22 2019
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Dervis Eroglu: Ankara talks with Greek Cypriots

Dervis Eroglu: Ankara talks with Greek Cypriots

Tags: The Cyprus issue, Turkey, Potilika

Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu has denied reports that Ankara is in talks with the Greek Cypriots by Americans on the draft text of the joint communiqué stating that the only offer that is seen now, is that which was presented in December 14 2013 year.

According to press reports yesterday of the Turkish Cypriots, Eroglu said that there was no question on the nomination of any new proposals from last month.

Dervis Eroglu said that he is ready and determined to reach an agreement on the Cyprus problem, which will be taken into account "realities" that exist on the island.

Recent press reports have initiated a new effort to break the deadlock over the wording of the joint communiqué where the biggest stumbling block seems to be an understanding on both sides "single sovereignty" of a federal Cyprus.

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