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Cheap: how George Soros organizes the Islamization of Europe

Cheap: how George Soros organizes the Islamization of Europe

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Scandalous billionaire George Soros fell with angry criticism on the authority of Hungary. Furious financier led national survey, which in October was conducted by the government of the country. Its essence was that the authorities wanted to know the attitude of the Hungarians to the "Soros Plan" for the reception of refugees in Europe. According to Budapest, 2,3 million from 9,8 million inhabitants of the country took part in the survey, and they opposed mass migration. The results of a survey of the Hungarian authorities announced last week.

"It should be possible to check the lists of participants and find out whether they really participated in this poll," George Soros said in a statement on the Syndicate newspaper syndicate website. The financier believes that the nationwide consultations and publication of their results have become the newest element of the large-scale propaganda campaign launched by the Hungarian authorities, which is financed by Hungarian taxpayers: "It benefits this completely corrupt government, which tries to divert attention from its inability to meet the legitimate aspirations of Hungarians, especially in the sphere education and health. The campaign began this summer, when the public space was filled with posters with a large image of my grinning face and the inscription: "We will not allow Soros to laugh last."

In his statement, the billionaire claims that he is not going to influence the EU authorities and flood Europe with Muslim migrants. "In 2015, I wrote that the countries of the developed world should be able to receive at least a million refugees a year; Later, I reduced this global figure to 500 thousand, of which, in my opinion, Europe can accept 300 thousand. My main principle is that the accommodation of refugees within the EU must be carried out exclusively voluntarily. The EU countries can not be forced to accept undesirable refugees, and refugees can not be forced to settle in countries in which they do not want to live. EU countries that refuse to accept refugees can make the necessary contribution in many other ways. Unfortunately, the EU has not accepted my ideas, and the poisonous political atmosphere created by Hungary (and Poland) has reduced Europe's ability to receive and integrate refugees, "concludes George Soros, writing that the purpose of the Hungarian government's propaganda campaign is to incite fear and hatred in Hungarian people, make him indifferent to the suffering of others.

However, is it so unobtrusive that George Soros participated in the migration of refugees to Europe and is his plan harmless to the EU?

Forecast for Soros: 75 million Muslims in the EU to 2050 year

American financier believes that Europe can annually take 300 thousand refugees. This figure is only not much less than the number that was in the EU countries last year. According to the EU border agency Frontex, in 2016, around 382 thousand illegal migrants from the countries of the Middle East, Asia and Africa arrived in Europe.

EADaily already wrote that the American research center Pew Research Center carried out research on migration to Europe and concluded that by 2050 the Muslim population of the EU countries could grow threefold to 75 million people. They will constitute 14% of the population of the European Union, whereas now their number does not exceed and 5%. And since migrants are placed unevenly across the EU countries and aspire to developed European states, for them such rates of "Islamization" will seriously change the internal demographic situation. For example, the Muslim population in Sweden will be 30%, in Austria - 19,9%, in Germany - 19,7%, in France - 18%, and in the UK - 17,2%.


The Pew Research Center considers such a scenario likely under two conditions. First, the high birth rate among the Muslim population will remain. Today it is in Europe 2,6 a child per family. In the remaining families, it does not exceed 1,7. The second condition, the main thing, is the current migration rate. And they just keep at the level of 300 thousand people per year, which George Soros speaks about. That is how many Muslim refugees were in Europe last year.

Soros invites, delivers and protects

The American financier actively propagates his idea of ​​an open Europe. However, his participation in the "resolution" of the refugee crisis in the EU countries does not end there. George Soros finances the delivery of migrants to the continent, their legal protection and leads active media campaigns so that Europeans will meet foreigners as relatives.

So, in 2015 year, according to the annual report of the Open Society Foundation George Soros, the billionaire spent $ 8,7 million on programs related to refugees. They were received by about 80 grants from more than 50 European public and research organizations. Since the main flow of refugees was in 2015 year through Greece, more than $ 3 million were sent to this country. At the same time, the funds were not intended for the development and existence of migrants, but, for example, programs to monitor their content, organize legal protection and help them obtain refugee status. Moreover, over $ 700 thousand went to the organization "Doctors Without Borders". This is one of the movements that in recent years has been actively bringing refugees from Africa to Europe.

In 2015, Doctors Without Borders (Médicins Sans Frontiéres) received over $ 700 thousand from the Soros Foundation. The Open Society Foundation report for 2015 year.

EADaily already wrote that since 2016, when the transit of refugees has shifted to the route of Libya-Italy, the courts of such human rights organizations are on duty at the very shores of Libya. There they "rescue" hundreds of refugees from unsuitable boats, and then deliver them not back, but for 500 kilometers to Italy. Volunteers were not affected even by the threats of the Libyan government and the appeals of the Italian authorities this summer. Of the 12 non-governmental organizations, only 4 agreed to deliver the rescued refugees back to Libya.

Humanitarian organizations choose not the shortest route for the rescue of refugees.

And the situation, apparently, is changing, but the volunteers are resisting. On the interactive map on the site "Doctors Without Borders", the organization's vessels continue to work off the coast of Libya. So, according to the organization, since August, when the EU countries and Libya began to tighten the nuts, 5 ships "Doctors Without Borders" still managed to deliver more than 2 thousand refugees to Europe.

Since 2015, the courts of "Doctors without Borders" have brought more than 72 thousand refugees to Europe. Photo:

Recall that the majority of refugees fall into Europe by sea. So there were in the EU countries last year 363 thousand illegal migrants, according to the International Organization for Migration.

"Doctors without Borders" is not the only organization for the delivery of refugees to Europe, assisted by an American financier. According to Disobedient Media, 2016 thousand euros for "search and rescue operations" were received by the Maltese The Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) in 500. The funding came from the world's largest community to organize public online campaigns Avaaz. It, in turn, was founded by the lawyer group of public policy Moveon, which is owned by George Soros.

Detailed data on the financing of programs for migrants in Europe Open Society Foundation in 2016 and 2017 years there. However, in the review of the budget for 2017, it is said that one of the main recipients of funding was, for example, an organization such as the European Platform for Freedoms. It unites non-governmental organizations in 12 countries in Europe, which deal not only with the protection of the rights of Europeans, but also with the promotion of the idea that anyone from anywhere in the world has the right to live in Europe. In one recent report, activists write that the humanitarian corridors under the Saving Lives program have been restored, which in 2015 the Open Society Foundation has allocated $ 212 thousand. Thus, more than 1000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon will be able to fly to Italy and live there.

Now 1000 refugees will fly to Italy by plane. Screenshot from
To support the project Saving lives George Soros began from the very beginning - from 2015 year. From the Open Society Foundation report for 2015 year.

Today, the George Soros Foundation is funding more than a hundred public organizations throughout Europe that deal with the protection of human rights. A separate line in the reports of the Open Society Foundation is funding for the fight against Islamophobia, racism, the protection of blacks in Europe and even a campaign against discrimination against Somalis in Finland.

Such a large-scale network of public organizations with such an agenda allows the American financier to seriously influence the public opinion and authorities of the EU countries, promoting the idea of ​​a global resettlement to Europe. George Soros, if he does not initiate, encourages and organizes mass migration. And such a campaign is costing the American financier not so expensive compared to the costs incurred by European countries, which self-dissipate the refugee crisis.

Soros - $ 52 million, Germany - $ 21 billion

The review of the budget for the 2017 year of the Open Society Foundation says that this year the financier has allocated more than $ 20 million for human rights programs "Equality and anti-discrimination" that promote the ideas of free migration, and for programs related to the support of migrants around the world - more $ 32 million

In a tolerant Europe, George Soros spends the most money on "Equality and anti-discrimination." Schedule from the review of the budget of the Open Society Foundation for 2017 year.
The Open Society Foundation increases the costs of programs for migrants. However, the costs can not be compared with the European ones - a thousand times more. Table from the review of the fund's budget for 2017 year.

In addition, the billionaire promised to invest $ 500 million in the employment of migrants and refugees, especially those who come to Europe. "I will invest in start-ups, companies, initiatives in the field of social return and in enterprises founded by migrants and refugees themselves," said George Soros.

However, this is nothing compared to the means that European countries are already spending on refugees. As reported by the British The Guardian referring to the data of the German government, last year alone Germany spent on illegal migrants 20 billion euros. And the vice-president of parliament Johannes Singhammer told Die Welt that the costs are even higher - 23 billion.

According to the forecast of World Education Services, Germany's annual GDP growth in case of high migration will not be 2035%, but 1,4%, to 0,4.

It is clear that refugees, and mostly Muslims, bring to Europe not only additional costs. Most migrants create their own closed communities and are not going to integrate, despite all the statements of Soros. Including because of this, according to World Education Services, only 9% of refugees who arrived in Germany in 2015 year, began to work until the end of 2016. The same situation is with those who arrived even earlier. For example, only a fifth of those who arrived in 2014 year are now working.

Creeping Islamization

Arrived Muslims are a perfect addition to the European "ummah". It is diligently hoarded by Islamists. We have already written about how they are building a parallel society in the EU countries, which already brings Europe disunity and terrorist attacks. Islamists themselves do not hide that they want to again capture Europe, but not by force of arms, but by prayers and persuasion.

Islamic map activists, who record Islamist organizations on open data, say that George Soros is also putting his hand here. According to them, the Open Society Foundation fund financially helps several Islamist organizations of the Muslim Brotherhood, which under the guise of human rights groups are fighting "Islamophobia." "The concept was created by Islamists to demonize critics of Islam," the Islamic map says.

The Open Society Foundation has published data on the funding of various organizations until only 2015 year, but there is enough information there. Thus, the Society Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF) received in 2014 $ 49 thousand from the Open Society Foundation for the organization of a nationwide campaign to combat Islamophobia and identify those who are engaged in it. It was the CCIF that fought with the authorities of the country to ensure that Muslim women could wear the hijab. Total in 2012-2015 years, the organization received $ 134 thousand from the Open Society Foundation. According to French scientists, professors Gile Kepel and an expert on Islam Bernard Godard, CCIF has close ties with the "Muslim Brotherhood" and cooperates with its French "representation" - the Union of Islamic Organizations of France (UOIF).

Also, according to official reports of the Open Society Foundation for 2012-2015, the organization helped the "European Network on Religion and Faith", "Society against Islamophobia in Belgium", "Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organizations", "European Forum of Muslim Women "," European Network Against Racism "," Insan "and Studieförbundet Ibn Rushd. In 2012-2015, George Soros transferred to them about $ 1,5 million. These organizations are also linked to the "Brothers of Moslems".

The INSANG has received $ 100 thousand from the Open Society Foundation in 2015 to fight Islamophobia. At the same time, it is connected with the "Muslim Brotherhood" and even is located under the same address with another Islamist organization, "Muslim Youth of Germany," followed by the German special services.

German political scientist Aleksandr Rar believes that Islamization threatens Europe, but not now, but in the long term: if refugees do not integrate and will create their enclaves. He admits that Europe can accept 300 thousand migrants a year, but only if they are honestly distributed across all EU countries. "Now this does not happen and I'm afraid that many more people will want to migrate to Europe. Experts have calculated the probability of an influx of 60 million migrants to Europe during the next 15 years. With such a massive migration, Europe will not cope, "Alexander Rahr believes that Eastern Europeans are considering such a scenario:" So they want to close all the windows now and quarrel with Brussels. "

The German authorities, for example, do not share the just fears of the countries of Eastern Europe and ordinary Germans, the political scientist believes. "The authorities of Germany reject the fears of the lower classes in the Islamization of society. They believe that Arab migrants will integrate and glorify the liberal system of the West. In addition, the leaders of Germany are constantly explaining that Islam is also part of European culture, because in Europe they are supported by minorities, "Alexander Rahr believes that Berlin chose the strategy" Tolerance above all, even if it goes against its own people " .

Bloomberg Browser Noah Feldman writes that the European respect for civil liberties, the freedom of peaceful protests and the leniency of punishment have already led to the fact that the Arabs and Muslims arrived in Europe feel much freer than in their homeland. At the same time, their political protests can be much more violent in the EU countries, as it happened in Sweden. After Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in Gothenburg, bombarded the synagogue with incendiary bombs, and in Malmö a demonstration was held, which called for an "intifada" and for shooting Jews. Noah Feldman notes that this behavior of Muslims could not arise from nowhere, but is the result of how the Muslim diaspora lives and develops in Sweden. "And what happened in Sweden can happen in any other place in Europe," Bloomberg observer notes.

In a statement on the Hungarian poll, George Soros writes: "I remember what happened during World War II, when another group of people was declared guilty of the problems of Europe." The American financier is referring to the Jews and points out that the wounds of this past left deep scars and so did not heal. The financier says that now they have reopened, hinting that the authorities of Hungary share the society. However, as the events in Sweden show, "wounds have opened again" on another occasion, and only global migration, for which George Soros so fights, still bears chaos to Europe.

Whatever his goals, today the American financier's European policy fits well into the strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood on the Islamization of the European Union and provides her with transportation of Muslims to Europe and information and legal protection of Islamists. Back in 1999, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Yusuf Qaradawi said in a television interview: "Constantinople was subdued, but the second part of the prophecy, conquest of Rome, has not yet been realized. This means that Islam will return to Europe. And this conquest will be conquered with the help of ideas and preaching. Sabers are not needed. We will be able to conquer European countries without military armies. We need armies of preachers and teachers. "

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