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Ten instructions of the Athonite fathers about the cross

Ten instructions of the Athonite fathers about the cross

Tags: Religion, Christianity

On the third resurrection of Lent in the all-night vigil, the Life-Giving Cross is carried out to the center of the church, which is worshiped all week by believers.The church inspires and strengthens the fasting by a reminder of suffering and death of the Lord. Through the Cross of Christ, we are revealed the sacrificial work of salvation, service to one's neighbor, deliverance from one's sinfulness. Glorifying the Cross, we believe that it is not violence that wins, but love that endures crucifixion. In the Sunday gospel reading, we hear the words of the Savior: "If anyone wants to follow me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me" (Mark 8: 34). Editorial portal "Russian Athos" picked up ten manuals Athos fathers about the meaning and meaning of the cross.

1. The Lord loves us so much that we can not comprehend this. We see the cross, we know that He was crucified for us and died in suffering, but still the soul itself can not understand this love, but it is known only by the Holy Spirit.

The Monk Silouan of Athos

2. Only the Cross of Christ was very difficult, because Christ did not want to use His divine power for Himself, from love for us-people. And after the Crucifixion He took, takes and will take upon Himself the weight of the crosses of every man and with His divine help and His sweet consolation alleviates us from the pain of trials.

The Monk Paisius of the Holy Trinity

3. Good God gives everyone a cross in accordance with the forces at his disposal. God gives man a cross not to suffer, but so that from the cross a man may ascend to Heaven. After all, in essence the cross is a ladder to Heaven. Realizing what wealth we put in the celestial treasure, enduring the pain of trials, we will not grumble, but let us glorify God, taking on the little cross that He bestowed upon us. In doing so, we will rejoice already in this life, but in a different life, we will get both a [spiritual] "pension" and a "one-off allowance." There, in Heaven, we are guaranteed the possessions and allotments that God has prepared for us. However, if we ask God to deliver us from the trial, He gives these possessions and allotments to others, and we lose them. If we endure, He will give us also spiritual interest.

The Monk Paisius of the Holy Trinity

4. When a person calls you into the house and wants to buy you a glass of wine or rakia, then you will be thankful to him for life. So should not you worship God and feel indebted to Him who gave you so many blessings and ascended to the Cross for the love of you?

Equal to the Apostles Cosmas

5. Tribulation, temptation and oppression cleans you, and you feel the closeness of God. The cross makes you humble and brings resurrection. Can not you hear what is being sung: "... have the Cross come joyfully to the whole world?"

Elder Efrem Katunaksky

6. Life on the commandments of Christ is truly Golgotha. And this is such a way that if he enters upon him, if he does not overcome all the growing difficulties with prayer and retreats, he will return, then, even where he returned, that is, into the world (that is, life after passion), he will not find joy, whatsoever the people of this world have that have not known God. ... When the sorrows of my soul, ever increasing, have reached, it seems, apogee, then I did not by abstract philosophical reasoning, but with a living and deep sense of the heart I knew the value of the human soul, that is, that it is more expensive than the whole world. Suffering so great a fruit brings that if we were more intelligent, we would not want to "get off the Cross." To one hieromonk, our Lord appeared in a dream crucified on the Cross, and said: "They do not descend from the Cross, they take it off." And these words the Lord repeated three times. And then the vision ended.

Archimandrite Sofroniy (Sakharov)

7. After a person begins to understand the place of the Cross in our being for God - otherwise it "goes to the cross" (LK14: 27). Otherwise, he understands the "cross". This latter is perceived as a call from Above from the Heavenly Father (In. 6: 44; In. 18: 11). ... In a sign, we kiss the cross, which the priest of the believers in the church blesses.

Archimandrite Sofroniy (Sakharov)

8. So the heavenly Father favored us: all earthly must "take up his cross" in order to inherit eternal life (cf .: 16: 24-25). Those who evade the crippling will not escape slavery to passions and will reap corruption from corruption (Gal. 6, 8, Rome 8, 13). A preached love for God and neighbor is full of deep suffering, but they are accompanied by heavenly consolation (cf.: Mr. 10: 29-30): the world that the Lord taught the apostles before his Golgotha ​​gives life to the soul. When the spirit of man is introduced into the sphere of the luminous love of God and our Father, then all pain and soul are inexplicably blissful (Jn. 12, 50, 17: 3). So a woman "when she gives birth to an infant, does not remember sorrow for joy, because a man was born into the world" (John 16, 21). And even more rejoices the Christian, when in reason and deep feeling he recognizes himself born in God for eternity.

Archimandrite Sofroniy (Sakharov)

9. God never leaves a man and never gives more weight than anyone can bear. If even people act on this principle, the more good God who shed His blood on the Cross for the sake of man!

Archimandrite Ephraim (Moraitis)

10. In my cruel temptations, internal and external, which had no end, the Lord appeared to me crucified on the Cross, and with compassion quite clearly told me: "I was crucified for you, and you will not stand for my love?" "Remember me, Lord, in Thy Kingdom," I cried, and after this vision all temptations ceased.

Elder Joseph of Vatopedi

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