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06.07.2017 - 16: 04

Die Welt: Our politicians shy away from Trump, but Germany depends on the US

Before the arrival of US President Donald Trump at the G20 summit in Hamburg, German politicians shy away from him, as from "plagued," writes Die Welt. But do not be mistaken: Germany still remains dependent on the US, and it is in the interests of Berlin and all of Europe not to go on a confrontation with Trump, but to find an approach to it. Otherwise, the European Union will have to defend itself against external threats - including from Russia.

This week, the most powerful person in the world comes to Germany, and German politicians treat him, "as with the plague," writes the newspaper Die Welt. They are trying to distance themselves as far as possible from Donald Trump. Last week, as part of the European meeting that preceded the G20 summit,Angela MerkelRepeatedly stressed the "differences" with the United States.

Competitor Merkel in the election campaign for the post of Chancellor of GermanyMartin Schultz, However, he hopes that, for foreign policy reasons, Merkel will not dare to criticize the American president too loud and unambiguous. Her current post does not allow her to make such grotesque statements as those with which Schultz is speaking. For example, he put Trump on a par with autocratsRecep Erdogan и Vladimir Putin, Recalls the publication.

Donald Trump, too, does not get behind the word in his pocket when it comes to criticism of others. "However, even if its tweets sometimes create the opposite impression, world politics is not a toy for teenagers in the puberty period," the author of the article stresses. German politicians are damaging the interests of Germany when, without the need, they try to hurt the American president.

Trump is known for dividing everyone into friends and enemies, according to an article. And Germany, with its "softly protesting" chancellor, policy towards refugees and a huge surplus of exports to the US, is now in danger of falling into the group of "hostile partners". In such a situation, there is no need to further aggravate the conflict from the German side, the author believes.

Insulting Trump can be nice for feeling the moral superiority of the Germans, but do not be deceived: Germany continues to be dependent on the US superpower, insists Die Welt. Therefore, real policy requires fruitful coexistence with this president while maintaining its position.

For Germany, there can be nothing more harmful in the sphere of security policy than to so astonish America by its intransigence to NATO demands that the US renounce its obligations to protect Europe, assures the German newspaper. In this case, Berlin will have to spend on defense not even 2%, but 3% or 4% of GDP, in order to be ready to face external threats - "first of all Russia with its neo-imperialist scope and unstable Middle East". 2% on defense, according to the edition, - an honest fee and the most profitable solution for Germany.

Trump is a complex partner, but his presidential term will someday come to an end. But until then, because of its geopolitical position, Europe is more vulnerable to the hypothetical devastating events of the Trump era than America itself, the article notes. Therefore, Europe must itself find a way to deal reasonably with the willful president, in order to minimize damage, and not to enter a confrontational course, concludes Die Welt.

A source: EADaily

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