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good and evil

Abba Dorofey- God created man in His image, that is, immortal, autocratic and adorned with all virtue. But when he transgressed the commandment, having tasted the fruit of the tree, from which God commanded him not to eat, then he was cast out of paradise (Gen. 3), Fell away from the natural state and fell into the unnatural, and was already in sin: in popularity, in love for the pleasures of this world and in other passions, and had them, for he himself became their slave through the transgression. Then, little by little, evil began to grow and death began to reign.

Rev. Cassian the Romans- Having firmly kept in mind the difference of things and deeds, and knowing that there is no real good except one virtue derived from the fear of God and love of God, and that there is no real evil except one - sin and separation from God, we are now investigating with all the attention , has it ever been that God, or by Himself or through another, caused any of His holy Ones evil. This, no doubt, is nowhere to be found. For it never happened that another could plunge someone into sins, when he does not want this evil and resists him; and, if it happened, that he cast, then one who in himself conceived this sin through the impurities of the heart and the corrupt will. So, when the devil wanted to plunge the righteous Job into this sin, then, using all his evil schemes against him, depriving him of all his wealth, striking with the death of the children and covering himself from head to toe with wounds - could not taint him with sin, for in All these things happened, Job was unshakable and not given to the madness of God (Job. 1: 22).

- Everything that exists and is in the world is threefold, namely: good, evil and average. In human affairs, nothing should be regarded as an essential good, except for one spiritual virtue, which by faithfully leading us to God, makes us continually cling to this unchangeable good. On the contrary, nothing should be considered evil except for one sin that, separating us from the good God, connects with the evil devil. The average is what can be attributed to one or the other side, judging by the quality and location of the beneficiary, such as: wealth, honor, power, bodily strength, health, beauty, life itself or death, poverty, fleshness, futility and vainness other things like this, that in the quality and location of the beneficiary, it can serve either good or evil. For, and wealth, can often serve to the good by the apostle, who, rich in the present age, commands to be rich in the affairs of kind, benevolent being, sociable, Good in the future, may he have eternal life (1 Tim. 6: 17-19), But again - it turns to evil, when they collect it, to just save and bury it in the ground, as do the stingy ones, or spend it on luxury and joy, and not in favor of the needy.

Rev. Anthony the Great"One who does not know how to distinguish between good and evil is not to judge who is good and who is angry with people. A man who knows God is kind; But when he is not kind, it means that he does not know God and will never be known from Him: for the only way to know God is kindness.

- About those who do not like to know what is good for them and what should be considered good, we can say that they are not in good health; Among those who, having known the Truth, shamelessly argue against it, rationality is mortified - their character became beastly: they do not know God and their soul is not illuminated by light.

- A man who lives godly, does not allow evil to enter the soul. And when there is no evil in the soul, then it is safe and unharmed. Above this, neither the evil demon, nor the accidents have power. God removes them from evil and they live unharmedly preserved, like the godlike. Whether anyone praises him, he laughs at himself in praise of him who praises him, whether he will dishonor, he himself does not defend himself before those who bring him down and does not resent it because they say so about him.

Rev. Isaiah the Hermit- Man, while doing evil, can not do good, but can do only evil under the guise of good.

Rev. Isaac the Syrian"To prefer a good deed is a business of the willing; To finish the choice of good will is the work of God. For this man has need of God's help. Let us do so that for the kind desire that appears in us, frequent prayers followed, with petition not only to help us, but also to show whether this desire is pleasing to the will of God or not. For not every good desire enters the heart from God, but only that which is useful. Sometimes a person wants good, but God does not help him; because sometimes a desire similar to this also comes from the devil, not to benefit us, but to the detriment, or because the desired thing is not in the measure of us, since we have not yet reached the corresponding life.

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