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"Good morning, my Christ!"

"Good morning, my Christ!"

Tags: Religion, Christianity

A new beginning. Part of 1

Now that we are on the threshold of a new beginning, when we feel that something new is coming, some kind of change in our life, let's reassess our forces, review our lives and take the necessary measures. Let's do it right now, when we start all over again, now, when we stand at the beginning. Moreover, for a Christian every day is a new beginning. Every morning when the sun rises and God gives us time and an opportunity to live another day on this planet, we are again given a chance to start everything from a new leaf. Let's do it right now, when so many begin to coincide.

I thought: should we not talk about the exercises our soul can do, about the basic principles and basic principles that we can observe every day and which it would be good to be present in our daily life, decorating it? About such movements that would awaken our soul from lethargy, now and then rolling on it, would lead to a hypnotic state and relaxation and made us feel that we really start every day from scratch. They will help us begin to carry out the program of our spiritual development in everyday life. These are the actions that, if they are repeated every day all our lives and all the year round, at least they seem small and insignificant at first glance, but they will help us enrich and beautify our lives, cherishing it and enjoying this gift of God.

If doctors give practical advice about everyday life and they are useful and help us when done every day, how good it would be if we had such road signs, basic pointers that would help us navigate the life of the Church, in the life of the Spirit, in the cultivation of one's soul.

In one of the medical journals, one doctor told something very interesting and relevant. He says that although an infarction occurs at a certain age from 45 to 55 or 60 years, but it needs some time before manifesting itself in adulthood, let it happen only once. And although the heart attack occurs only once, that is, although a person only once hears this "bam", signifying a severe shock for his whole body and a threat to his very existence, after which he sometimes survives, and sometimes not, but all the previous preparations for it years.

And the doctor explained how it happens. When I was young, you ate what you wanted, how, how much and when you wanted. When you were young, you abused something: drinking, smoking, leading a nocturnal life, did not sleep when you had to. Then you did not have any problems and everything was fine with you, well, and since everything was fine with you, then you thought that this will never happen to you. But the years passed unnoticed, the problem grew, the difficulties in the body accumulated, and at some point the infarct erupted. And the news of him is suddenly spread widely:

- Poor man! He is only 45-50 years old, and this nightmare happened to him! And so unexpected!

And the doctor continues his explanations: no, this is not unexpected. What you call unexpected, in fact, is not like that. It was prepared gradually, the body sensed the failures that had occurred, but you did not attach importance to the advice of the doctors or to the discomforts that felt telling yourself that it was nothing. You do not attach importance to one or the other, and the mistakes of the past gradually surfaced and suddenly make themselves felt in some serious health problem. And you say to yourself: "How could this happen so suddenly?" However, this is not so.

The doctor gave this and a few practical tips, keeping which we avoid heart attack, cholesterol and sclerosis. He said, for example, that you should start your day with a good breakfast, and not run out of the house hungry and worried, because our body needs fuel: fruits, grains and vitamins. He needs it, and we can not go on the road without refueling.

Another advice given by this doctor is that we take care of body hygiene every day, brush our teeth and sleep at least 5-7 hours, so that our nervous system can calm down. You can not stand on your feet all day, be tense, and then suddenly you want to be calm, and when in the evening it turns out that you are agitated and annoyed, wonder: why am I like this? It's because of your way of life, because you do not rest. We must allow ourselves a little rest and during the day.

The doctor said that we need to do some gymnastics every day, some simple exercises, and if we can not perform difficult movements, we'll just walk. Do not go out, for example, at your stop, but one earlier, to walk a little, or climbing your floor on foot on the stairs, and not necessarily on an elevator, etc. So that we eat a little more fruits and vegetables every day.

You wonder: what do these practical advice have to do with our spiritual conversation?

And at the end the doctor said this that reminded me strongly of a quote from St. Isaac the Syrian: when good daily habits are repeated, they lead to wonderful results and create a healthy organism again. Little by little, but every day; little by little, but persistently; little by little, but constantly.

What the doctor said was impressive, it reminded me of St. Isaac the Syrian, who somehow noticed in one of the caves that a drop of water was constantly gathering on the rock. This drop after a while fell on the stone, very rare, but still dripped: cap! And when the years passed, Saint Isaac again found himself in this cave and discovered that this meager water, this droplet - is something absolutely insignificant (what is a drop of water, which also evaporates instantly?), That this droplet, constantly falling on a stone, hollowed out and drilled the rock through, leading to such an impressive result. That's how an absolutely insignificant droplet broke through the rock! But it was a droplet dripping constantly at precisely defined intervals [1].

Small in its essence is not small. Let us not neglect the small, because the great consists of small

Small in its essence is not small. The seemingly insignificant is extremely important in our life, when this insignificant has such a repeatability, that is, when it is reproduced and often occurs in our life or in the form of good or bad habits. Let us not neglect the small, because the great consists of the small. A huge mosaic panel is made up of many small stones, and if you take one of them, you will not even understand what it conceals in itself. But when this small stone is inserted into the whole complex and synthesis, an excellent result will be obtained. And now you begin to distinguish some image, a landscape, some figure, an image that delivers to the person enjoying it. And this is a good creation of many small particles.

One saint said that the most beautiful gait can be spoiled by a pebble that got into shoes. Something quite small can disfigure the entire walk, prevent us from going, causing inconvenience and pain, since it does not allow us to step properly.

There are no insignificant things in the Church. Everything that life in the Church offers to us, even if it seems to be something small and does not make a special impression, but if it happens constantly and repeats at regular intervals, it brings great, rich and abundant fruits that we will enjoy, of course , not the same day, when we take the first step, and after a certain time, in a few years. First we sow, work and water, little by little make this effort every day, and when time passes, we will see the fruits and say to ourselves: "Yes, the little effort I applied was worth it."

When a person does these things every day, they help him in the course of time to develop a fair character and a beautiful personality, to acquire a good soul that will create a pleasant environment around him.

Let every day be your first thought, when you open your eyes, there will be Christ. Not cares of the day, but Christ

Let your first thought, when you open your eyes, be Christ every day, even before you raise the curtains so that the light will shine on your room. Even before you understand who you are, what you are and where you are, still twisted in a confused state between sleeping and waking, as soon as you hear the alarm and begin to wake up, yet not understanding what is happening around. In this transitional state, which lasts only a few seconds, you must have time to put food to your mind. Ask him proper food, and not presenting the worries, anxieties, worries and problems of the day waiting for you, you only need to open your eyes.

Do not start thinking about bills, debts, obligations, food, work, purchases, stores, business and visits that you have to do ... No ... But, opening your eyes, give preference to your mind and heart, to prayer with the name of Christ. Put Christ in yourself. Open your eyes, turn your mind to Christ and exclude everything else, pressing on all sides to embarrass you, confuse and embarrass your heart, that is all that is not the first, that is not the good part that Mary chose. "Mary is the good part of the election" (Luke 10: 42).

"Good morning, my Christ!" Said the poet Verity in one of his poems. Opening his eyes, he said: "Hello, my Christ!" Realize yourself and your attitude towards Christ, understand that this day is given to you: it begins because God wanted it, and since God wanted it, then you live, because He lets you another day of life.

There was no earthquake that would turn your life around, and nothing like that, why you would go to the next world. God did not take you, leaving him to stay another day. What for? To turn your heart to Himself, like a sunflower, always looking at the sun, so that you also look at your God as in the sun. This is the most natural and most normal of all that a person can do and what he should do if his soul functions correctly, that is, if he functions as mentally healthy.

This is one way to help your soul find health. Let's think about Christ, let's start each day finding the time to pray a little, say something small, to offer a prayer "Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me" since the very awakening. Read the prayers that the confessor recommends. Some read part of matins, others are six-psalm, and others pray in prayer. Everyone has his own rule, recommended by the confessor. Let's just not forget about him.

Even when you get up to get dressed, while you take off your pajamas and fold it, pray again, saying: "Lord, how do I undress, so do you discard passions and selfishness from me," and then, when you dress, say: "Lord, how I put on a shirt, a sweater and shoes, so You, Lord, put me in humility, put this day in love, and make me humble. " Wash, say again: "Lord, as I wash my face, so You wash me with Your Holy Spirit, granting me the grace of your Holy Spirit."

Pay attention to what we are saying right now: you are washing and praying, undressing and praying, dressing and praying. It is very good to always find time for prayer throughout the day. Do you know how many times a day we can pray? Many, very many. But since we associate prayer only with that special moment when we leave everything and surrender to one prayer, all other possibilities are eluding us. Of course, we should pray and concentrate in solitude, but since the rhythm of our life is so feverish and fast, because in our era there is some kind of total acceleration of everything, it will be good that we, taking advantage of the small opportunities we mentioned earlier, find time and prayed at any time.

I remember one day I went down the stairs together with my confessor. There were so many of these stairs that they could not see the end, as if you were descending to the very depths of hell. The whole three floors of the stairs are down, under the ground. And while we were going down, he told me:

- Let's say on each step to myself: "Lord, have mercy."

And you know how much "Lord, have mercy" a man can say? .. And you know how good it is for a train to go, and you prayed, sanctifying the underworld of the earth, sanctifying the space and people nearby, for God's grace spreads around. You stand, for example, in line to pay your bills, taxes, or you wait in a bank or bakery to buy yourself something. Let us turn this into a skill, let us believe in a new beginning every day, praying in those moments that we can, in these small minutes, which, if collected from morning to night, becomes many. When we put them together, they can be only half an hour, but it's very good that prayer turns into us into a skill.

According to St. Nicodemus the Svyatogorets, this prayer is called "firing" [2]. He calls these small prayers "firing". What does it mean? This means that they are like an arrow that you release from your soul's bow to God, and they reach the goal when you say, "Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me."

Caught you, for example, a taxi. "Glory to Thee, God, that in this pandemonium I found a taxi, I thank You." Is the bus coming on time? "Glory to Thee, O God." Are you late for the bus? "Lord, give me patience so as not to be nervous now that I'm in such a hurry. Give me the patience to endure. " Everything can be turned into an occasion for prayer. What we say, as if this prevents us from praying, I think, can be turned into a prayer. It is these moments.

- How can I pray when there is such movement on the road? - they tell me, and I answer:

"Precisely because there's such a movement on the road, you can pray." What else do you have to do in the car for so long?

It is very good to share everything with God and even transfer the most worldly things to God's grace

A panic rises around me, and I pray, and the world does not bother me. I do not enter the world, but I invest God in myself, accomplishing this invisible transition, that is, I help myself and through this turmoil I enter the space of God, into the space of calmness, rest, and so a new wonderful day begins.

It is very good to leave the house with a prayerful mood and return too with a prayerful. Pray before speaking to your colleagues, and say a word to Christ: "Lord, enlighten me what to say to him." Or before entering any office: "Let me not be misinterpreted so that we will not quarrel." For example, one of the employees sharply speaks to you, and you hold back, turning the situation into prayer and saying to yourself: "Lord, enlighten me."

It is very good to share everything with God so that everything becomes Divine, and even the most worldly things can be transferred to God's grace, immersing them in His grace, that He surround you with His help, presence and change. So we will see miracles in our life.

Imagine if parents were like that, if the children were like that, imagine if the whole family lived like this, how good it would be! So, from now on our first thought and the rest of the day too, all our life and events in it will be leavened with prayer.

(To be continued)

[1] In the 85-m word of the Russian translation of "Podvizhnicheskih words" prp. Isaac Syrin from this story only a quote about a drop of water was preserved: "A weak drop, constantly falling, punches a hard stone".

[2] See especially the 47 chapter of his "Invisible Scolding": "A prayer that bursts from the heart like a lightning bolt immediately passes through the heavens and is before the throne of the all-merciful God."

Archimandrite Andrew (Conanos)
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