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Report: Saudi Arabia - patron of Islamic extremism in Britain

Saudi Arabia is the main foreign patron of Islamic extremism in Britain. This is stated in the report of the British analytical center of the Society of Henry Jackson. According to the BBC, the authors of the report warn of the significant impact that foreign funding has on the spread of Islamic extremism - including the activities of radical preachers and jihadist groups - in Britain.

The analytical center, which specializes in international politics, has already called for a public investigation into the alleged link between Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf countries with extremists in Britain.

The report says that the Sunni countries of the Persian Gulf and Iran provide financial support to mosques and Islamic educational institutions that received extremist preachers and were associated with the spread of extremist materials. At the top of this list, according to the authors, is Saudi Arabia - one of Britain's closest allies in the Middle East and the largest trading partner.

Individuals and organizations participate in the promotion of the "illiberal, fanatical ideology of Wahhabism." However, only a few Islamic organizations in Britain that receive Saudi funding are directly managed from Saudi Arabia. In most cases, funds from Saudi Arabia are used to purchase agents in Britain, the authors say.

The Saudi Embassy in London stated that any accusations that the kingdom influenced the radicalization of "a small number of people are groundless and do not have reliable evidence". "We will not tolerate the actions or ideology of armed extremism, and we will not rest until these abnormal people and their organizations are destroyed," the diplomatic mission said in a statement.

The Ministry of the Interior of Britain stated that it intends to suppress the financing of extremism, but declined to comment on the report.

A source: EADaily

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