Today: December 11 2018
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"Dear Russian, well, when you come to Berlin?"

"Dear Russian, well, when you come to Berlin?"

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Our special correspondent Darya Aslamova transfers from Munich, where the night was a protest march against the Islamization of Europe [video exclusive]

With Germany finished. Last night in Munich, Bavaria frankfurter fat complacent, I did not know whether to laugh or cry to me. Where the Bavarian beer, which knock tankards nationalists argue about the fate of the motherland? Where pyshnotelye beauty waitresses in lace dresses flirting with sweaty visitors? In my area in the city center - continuous halal establishments kebabochnye, and even a hotel "Goethe" belongs to the Turks. Corkscrew at night you can find only passing half of the city, at any bartender.

Demonstrators opposed to the flow of refugees from Muslim countries in Germany

On the night of Monday to Tuesday pitiful bunch of "despicable Nazi" (so called pegida, organizing against the Islamization of Europe, highbrow German journalists) gathered at the Odeonsplatz in Munich to protest against the policy of "mom Merkel", which is warmed to his chest and a half million refugees . After all, every day to Munich via Austria comes over 3000 people.

Three hundred "Piegidians" were guarded by at least three police officers from five thousand enraged democrats, liberals and socialists. Against the backdrop of ironic and grinning "nationalists", the liberals looked like a crowd of SS men on a "crystal night", which the police cordon barely held back. For the first time I saw so closely the bestial grin of "democracy." It's a schizophrenic night. The liberals screamed, spat, raged, threw themselves with shit (I'm not kidding), cut the music to the full power and literally did not give the "damned Nazis" and the words to say. If it were not for the police, the "nationalists" would be torn to shreds.

Residents of Munich do not share his position of Chancellor in respect of migration policy

I wanted to talk with the Liberals, after going through the police cordon, but the police stopped me tired. "No, - he said - you beat. And you provoke a fight. We then they do not keep. Today they are not in themselves ". "But I'm a journalist, I want to be on both sides." "It will not work - he chuckled. - You will have to choose: either there or here. "

"Nazis" were ordinary people, terrified by what was happening in their homeland. A lot of elderly Germans who grew up in a very different Germany. And the young themselves were once migrants. There were Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians, Croats, Romanians, Russian, Ukrainian.

"Nazis" were ordinary people, terrified by what was happening in their homeland
Photo: Daria Aslamova

Ukrainka from Kazakhstan Marina married a German and lives in Germany. (Her husband, a German, by the way, afraid to come).

"I just could not stay at home after what happened in Cologne, - she says. - Yes, we have, sane people a little. Look at this crazy crowd left. He also brainwashed newspaper, they are idiotic placards with "Munich must be in color." Why? And we are writing on the posters: "Yes, you are colored, but stupid." They listen to the anthem of Bavaria and spit. They do not take arguments. "

Next to the Marina is a guy with a sign: "Do you really believe what you read in the papers?"

"The liberals are blind leading the blind - says Sandrea, who came from Austria. - They have a foam from the mouth starts going, when you tell them the simple facts about migration. What we are not able to digest all. That each culture is unique, and we need to save his. They are just beginning to howl: "You Nazi, get to his." So what? It's a conversation? "

Liberals are actively drive up buses. They are clearly well organized. Horns, energetic young people with placards, chanting slogans: "Nazi home" and "Education for All. For migrants, too. "

Pegida Party - against the Islamization of Europe

Birgit elderly - a German who emigrated from America. "I thought that at least here I find peace. With white America will soon be over, - they can expect a civil war between black and white. And now I live in the Arab and African Germany. My pension - 500 euros - less than the benefits for migrants. And you know what they do in the near migrant camp right here in Munich? They actively make children. Only one camp already 400 pregnant women. They know that pregnant or with babies in their hands it does not expel. We have one hope - to Russia. "

"You know, what is now a popular joke in" pegida "? - He tells me a cheerful press secretary Hartmut Pilch organization. - 1945. Horror! Russian go to Berlin! 2015. Dear Russian! Well, when did you come to Berlin ?! "" Well, we have something we can do? "- I wondered. "And you're doing: you came to Syria, you struggle with the pro-American propaganda. You know, for the Germans, the key word "decency". Putin appreciated for straight talk and openness. He did not Julita. It is what it is. Putin - the last German in Europe. "

Our correspondent on the background of the poster "Stop refugees"
Photo: Daria Aslamova

Daria Aslamova
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