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The Cyprus Traffic Police carries out increased control on the island's roads

During the week 17-23 July, the Cyprus traffic police will carry out an operation aimed at speeding.

According to the Cyprus police headquarters in Nicosia, the police will strengthen control over compliance with the high-speed regime on the roads of Cyprus in the week of 17 on 23 July. Dozens of Cypriot police are on duty. Particular attention will be paid to the high-speed track.

At the moment, lawmakers are considering the possibility of increasing the speed limit on the tracks to 120 km / h. At the moment, the maximum permissible speed on the tracks is 100 km / h.

According to the police department, speeding is the main cause of death on the roads of the island. Driving in second place is drunk. In 2016 year in Cyprus recorded 942 accident. As a result of these road accidents 46 people were killed. More than half, 24 rights, were killed in Nicosia and Limassol.

A source: Cyprus Butterfly

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