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Two years MH 17: what led investigation

Two years ago, in the Donetsk region in Ukraine, crashed Malaysia Airlines Airlines plane flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. The disaster claimed the lives of 298 and greatly exacerbated the already strained relations between the West and Russia. Time has passed, but the perpetrators of the incident have not been identified.

Airplane Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines airline crashed in the Donetsk region in July 17 2014 years. On board the ship, flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was 283 15 passengers and crew members, citizens 10 States. International crash investigation leads a joint investigation team JIT (Joint Investigation Team), which includes 12 countries. Among them, the Netherlands, lost 193 his subjects, Malaysia, has lost 44 citizens of Australia, who had passports on board 27 people.

The group also includes Indonesia (12 of the victims), United Kingdom (10), Germany (4), Belgium (4), Philippines (3), Canada (1), New Zealand (1) and the USA (one of the victims of the Dutch had also American citizenship). JIT is headed by the Netherlands Security Council, has received this authority from Kiev in accordance with Annex 13 ICAO rules.

Alternative research

Regardless of the JIT, in several countries initiated their own investigations. One of the most detailed work was done by Concern PVO "Almaz - Antey", Russian producer SAM "Buk" systems, activities that fall after the tragedy near Donetsk under Western sanctions.

Also, several private reportёrskih investigations were carried out. Their versions of what happened outlined CNN, BBC Two, journalists of "Novaya Gazeta", the First Channel and NTV correspondents, as well as the infamous resource Bellingcat British blogger Eliot Higgins, uses in their publications data from social networks.

July 15 2016, the experts of the Kiev Research Institute of forensic examinations announced conducted jointly with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine full-scale experiment for the practical study of the technical reasons for the disaster Boeing. Thus he Boeing on an experimental site was absent. Conclusions not announced, but was assured that they "will be a significant contribution to the investigation of the International investigation team."

We tried to get to the truth and private detectives. In particular, the German police 1 June raided a house and a bank vault specialist detective work of Josef Resch, who was investigating the circumstances of the MH 17 crash commissioned by an anonymous client. In the German town of Bad Schwartau and Zurich, Switzerland, the police searched his papers.

The analysis conducted and the institutional structures of a number of states. In February 2015, the Russian Defense Ministry announced they may have information relating to the crash. A statement was made by the CIA and NSA experts, representatives of the Ukrainian Security Service, Ministry of Defense of the DNI. It would seem more than enough information. So why there was a plane crash?

The basic version of wreck

The plane crashed in the area of ​​conflict between the Ukrainian military and the militias of the Donetsk People's Republic. The aircraft was destroyed by a rocket hit it. This is perhaps the only two facts that none of the experts questioned. The rest of the picture incident see different directions differently.

Thus, according to a report on the results of the technical investigation of the JIT October 13 2015 years, the plane was hit by a series 9M38 missile with a warhead 9N314M fired anti-aircraft missile system "Buk" from the region in the east of Ukraine. The report also notes that on the day of the collapse of the Ukrainian authorities to raise the upper limit of height permitted to fly civil aircraft. The reasons why this was done, the authors of the study remained unclear.

Concern "Almaz - Antey" Experts agree that Boeing was fired from "Buka", but pointed out that, according to their data, launch missiles committed JIT from the wrong square, and of the settlement Zaroshchenske, at that time occupied by Ukrainian troops.

The concern also claim that the missile was the old versions - with warhead 9N314 instead 9N314M, as indicated in the JIT report. According to the organization, the last rocket 9N314 was released in the USSR in the year 1986, the model is removed from service in Russia, but continues to be in service in some countries of the former Soviet Union. its exploitation of the resources of 25 years.

The second plane in the sky

An alternative interpretation of the events announced in an interview with the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda» December 22 2014, the anonymous witness. He said that he was an eyewitness to the departure of the Ukrainian military planes that day with live missiles on board. The witness said that of the eight planes that were in the Ukrainian base, two missiles were "air - air".

"In the afternoon, about an hour before the shooting down of" Boeing ", had been raised in the air three stormtrooper. Specifically, I do not remember the time. From one aircraft was equipped with such missiles. It was Su-25 », - quoted eyewitness" Komsomolskaya Pravda ".

"In the afternoon, about an hour before the shooting down of" Boeing ", had been raised in the air three stormtrooper. Specifically, I do not remember the time. From one aircraft was equipped with such missiles. It was Su-25 », - quoted eyewitness" Komsomolskaya Pravda ". According to him, after a short time he returned to base, only one aircraft, without the shells.

This man's name was later revealed by the Investigative Committee of Russia. "A witness is a citizen of Ukraine Evgeny Agapov, who did military service as a mechanic aircraft armament of the first brigade of tactical aviation squadron Air Force of Ukraine. And now he continues to be under goszaschitoy "- then said agency spokesman Vladimir Markin.

Russia charges

Certificate Agapov Washington seemed unconvincing. According to statements by US intelligence, made right after the catastrophe, the Malaysian airliner was shot down by a missile "land off-air." What is not American agencies came together, so it is in the question of who shot down the plane - the pro-Russian militia and Russian soldiers.

In an interview with US television channel CNN US Secretary of State John Kerry said that Washington is ready to reveal the details of the world of what happened. "We have photographs of the rocket launch clearly visible. We know its trajectory. We know where it started. We know the specific time. And it happened at the very moment when the airplane disappeared from the radar, "- he said sure. However, no shots are not subsequently been made public.

More on entered in the Council of National Security and Defense of Ukraine. The Office published a video in which the installation of "Buk" without a missile allegedly exported from the territory of the DNI in the territory of the Russian Federation. The Defense Ministry questioned the authenticity of the recording, and suggested that it is a dramatization and made on the territory controlled by the Ukrainian army.

A similar clip appeared on the YouTube 3 May 2016 years. In it can be seen moving on the highway truck with a loading platform, on which the design is similar to the anti-aircraft missile system "Buk" with four missiles instead of five. No one standing armed with air defense complex of the Russian-Ukrainian state border is not crossed, commented on the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Questions to the Russian investigation

Meanwhile, in the two years that the investigation is being conducted, Russia has accumulated many questions to the international team of experts leading the case. So, the Russian side has repeatedly expressed its dissatisfaction with the slowness of the work of the group and ignoring the data provided by Moscow to the investigation. Witnesses of gross negligence in the work of the investigative group were also RT correspondents. For example, journalists who filmed a report in the zone of the fall of the Malaysian Boeing, noted that the process of collecting fragments of the aircraft was never completed. According to their data, the search for fragments of the liner was not carried out by authorized persons, but by volunteers. As a result of the arrival of representatives of the investigation, many clues did not wait.

In April 2016 the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called politicized investigation of the crash Malaysian Boeing in Ukraine, stressing that experts continue to stubbornly ignore once again open the details and facts. "It is impossible to reopen the facts do not notice, and to do it actively. Then about any objectivity can not speak, "- she said. Zakharova lamented the fact that in the case of an airplane crash there are more fraudulent information.

So much so, that pay attention to the information provided by Russia, the experts were asked to relatives of the victims JIT. "The US and other Western countries do not have a better opinion about Russia. But I do not care. We want only the truth. I hope, will help us achieve justice. We need help from Russia and, of course, "- said in an interview with REN TV Silenus Fredericks, the young man's mother, who died in a plane crash along with his girlfriend.

When called guilty

The results of the criminal investigation into Boeing crash in Ukraine in July 17 2014 years, planned to publish in the first half 2016-th, but later postponed until the autumn. Investigators are trying to find an answer to the question of whether the possibility of inadvertent missile launch, who pressed the button, triggering a run, and how weapons system selects goal - to automatically or according busiest someone parameters.

"I'm not going to say much about it. The work goes on, and I have forwarded to the Netherlands for more details, "- said in March 2016, the State Department spokesman John Kirby.

Netherlands clarified that really plan to finish with the criminal part of the fall, but we are not talking about the publication of the report after that - it would be prepared, but not published. podoshyut results of the investigation to the case, the hearing of which must pass after a court or tribunal.

July 4 2016, the JIT delegation arrived in Moscow. The representative of the Prosecutor's Office of the Netherlands Wim de Brun said that the purpose of the visit - to discuss the investigation with the Russian side. Statements on the visit has not been done. "This information is not for the press", - summed up de Bran.

The representative of the Prosecutor General Alexander Kurennoj then said that his agency Transmitted by the Netherlands a large amount of materials needed for the investigation. "We are talking about eyewitness accounts, the results of experiments, video scripts media", - he explained.

After the visit of international investigators, the Russian side again expressed its concern about the way the process is going. "I have to state that the transfer of information pertaining to the plane crash is being carried out by the Investigative Committee exclusively unilaterally," the statement of the representative of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Vladimir Markin says. The department believes that such an organization of the investigation significantly drags it out and may lead to the fact that the report will not be presented to the world public even by the end of the year.

Much more optimistic about the situation in Ukraine. "I think that during the autumn will be published already all reports that were promised. We then sit down again in New York and see what we do next, "- said the permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Vladimir Elchenko in an interview with" Left Bank ".

In order to do next, we try to determine at a meeting of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and his Dutch counterpart Mark Rutte at the summit forum "Asia - Europe" (ASEM), which opened 15 July in the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator.

As stated on the eve of the ministerial meeting in the apparatus of the Russian government, Russia is ready for a frank and confidential conversation - in Moscow "not interested less than the Dutch side, in establishing the causes of the disaster."

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