Today: January 18 2019
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Twelve tasks set by Putin in the Address

Twelve tasks set by Putin in the Address

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Reduce the gap between pensions and salaries, solve problems with the availability of housing, facilitate the opportunity to open your business with a single click and "flush" the whole of Russia with a network of the latest communications. Here are just a few of the tasks that the president put in his message to the Federal Assembly. Vladimir Putin stressed that his appeal is of a special nature.

"Today's message has a special, boundary character. As well as the time in which we live, when the significance of our choice, every step, action is exceptionally high, because it determines the fate of the country for decades to come, "the head of state said in a message to the Federal Assembly.

In his record-length appeal to deputies and senators, the head of state outlined the priorities of the country's social development.

1. Ensure the growth of pensions

"The main thing is that we must increase the size of pensions, ensure their regular indexation, and above the inflation rate," the president called. "We will strive to reduce the gap between the size of the pension and the salary that a person had before retiring."

According to the president, we need a system program to support people of the older generation. This will be one of the main tasks of the new government. "Our moral duty is to fully support the elderly population," the president emphasized.

2. "Support the ruble" positive demographic trends.

For six years, Russia should send at least 3,4 trillion rubles to protect maternity and childhood, Putin stressed. Thus, the protection of motherhood and childhood will be sent to 40% more than in the previous 6 years.

The President stated that Russia managed to reverse the negative demographic trends - to increase the birth rate and reduce the death rate by supporting the words with infographic data. It was also originally reported that the president's message to the Federal Assembly would be accompanied by specially prepared video slides.

3. Bring an annual number of new settlers to 5 million

"We need to reach a level where at least 5 million families in Russia will be able to improve housing conditions annually against the current 3 million," the head of state said.

To improve the availability of housing, it is necessary to solve three problems: reducing mortgage rates, avoiding shared construction and resolving a tax issue. He also added that from shared construction it is necessary to gradually switch to project financing, where the risks are borne by developers and banks, and not by citizens.

Last year, about 1 million of mortgage loans were issued. "In December, the ruble rate fell below 10%. Of course, the cost of the loan is individual, but in general we need to further reduce the average rate to 7-8%, "the Russian president said.

The President noted the need to strive to increase the volume of construction from today's 80 to 120 million square meters per year.

4. To ensure the growth of living standards of citizens

"For the first time in modern history, we were able to equate the minimum wage to the subsistence minimum. This norm will begin to operate from 1 May 2018 year, and this will positively affect the standard of living of 4 million citizens. We must ensure one of the most important tasks for the next decade - to ensure the growth of the living standards of citizens, "Putin stressed.

5. Increase the country's GDP by 1,5 times to 2025 year

By 2025, Russia's gross domestic product should increase by half, Vladimir Putin said. According to the president, the country should gain a foothold in the five largest economies of the world. "This is a very difficult task. I'm sure we are ready to solve this problem, "the head of state added.

Let's note that, according to the January monitoring of the Ministry of Economic Development, GDP grew by 2017-1,4% in 1,8 year, and inflation was a record low 2,5%. According to the preliminary forecasts of the Ministry of Economy, the economic growth this year will be 2%, and the budget surplus is 1% of GDP.

6. Ensure the efficiency of spending of public funds

"The new government of Russia will have to form stable tax conditions that will stimulate economic growth, and the country's economy must ensure growth rates above the world," Putin said.

"We need an economy with growth rates above the world, this is not easy, but necessary. This is a key reference point for the new government, "the head of state said.

7. At a minimum, double the costs of spatial development

A special theme was the program of spatial development of Russia proposed by the president, including the development of cities and other settlements. It is necessary "at least to double the costs for these purposes in the next six years," the president stressed.

According to him, "the active, dynamic life of Russia with its vast territory can not concentrate in several megacities." "Large cities should spread their energy, serve as a support for a balanced, harmonious spatial development of the whole of Russia. For this, a modern infrastructure is urgently needed, "Putin said.

8. "Stitching" Russia with modern communications

To develop cities and towns, to ensure the cohesion of the whole country, "we need to literally flush the entire territory of the country with modern communications," the president said.

"Within a few months the automobile traffic will open along the Crimean bridge, and next year there will be a railway service. This will give an impetus to the development of the Crimea and the entire Russian Black Sea region, "the head of state recalled. "We have seriously updated the federal motor roads, now we need to put in order regional and local roads," Putin said. For these purposes, it is necessary to send more than 11 trillion rubles from all sources, this is twice as much as in 2012-2017 when 6,4 trillion rubles were allocated.

9. High-speed Internet throughout Russia - to 2024 year

The president outlined goals for informatization in Russia.

Russia should become one of the world leaders in the processing and storage of large amounts of information data, the president posed the task.

The head of state pointed out: "With the help of distributed generation it is necessary to solve the issue of power supply to remote territories".

"In addition, to 2024 year throughout the country will be provided by the ubiquitous high-speed Internet," Putin said. - This will open the digital world for Russians with all its advantages. The construction of fiber-optic communication lines will be completed to the majority of settlements with a population of more than 250 people. And remote small settlements of the Far North, Siberia, and the Far East will get stable access through a network of Russian satellites. "

10. To make it easier to open your business "with one click"

"It is important to support start-up entrepreneurs, to help people take the first step, so that you can open your business literally with one click - to make compulsory payments, receive services, credit remotely, via the Internet," Putin said.

The President stressed that individual entrepreneurs and self-employed citizens who use such digital services "need to be released from reporting at all". The president called for making a tax payment for them a simple transaction that takes place automatically.

"As for entrepreneurs who use cash register equipment, their tax reporting needs to be decidedly simplified. You know, it's all such a routine, at first glance, but this routine does not allow us to move forward vigorously. We need to do everything to clean up this space, "Putin added.

11. Digitalization and transparency of state functions are the key to fighting corruption

The document circulation between state structures should be translated into digital forms, Putin called. According to him, it will be useful and convenient not only for managers, but also for ordinary citizens who will be able to get all the services in one place.

"Digitalization of the whole system will be an effective tool for countering corruption. Civil servants and managers should be focused on the result. The overwhelming majority of those who work in the management system are honest and decent people, they need to rebuild the system by implementing project methods of work where appropriate, "Putin said in the message to the Federal Assembly.

12. Promotion of new professionals

According to the president, it is important to ensure the promotion of professional staff in the municipal and public service, in business, in production. For this purpose, a number of projects are being implemented in the country, including a contest for young managers "Leaders of Russia".

"I want to emphasize: for all who want to work, show themselves, are ready to honestly serve the Fatherland and the people, to succeed, Russia will always be a country of opportunities. This is the guarantee of our development, "Putin said.

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