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Two young men with weapons tried to hide from the police of Cyprus

19-year-old recruit and his 21-year-old cousin, both from the village of Avgoru (in the southwestern part of the Famagusta region), were arrested on Saturday after men were detained in the reserve outside the hunting season with weapons in their hands. One of the guys had a shotgun (hunting cut-off).

Young people were noticed by members of the society "The game and fauna service". The guys were driving in a car without license plates in the area of ​​the dam of Ačna. When the right-wing guards made a sign for them to stop, the driver of the car ignored the order and accelerated. The officers set out in pursuit of the intruders.

At one point, the passenger threw the shotgun from the window. After that, the car stopped, and the guy went out, while the 19-year-old driver disappeared into the car. However, later he was also detained by law enforcers. An investigation is under way.

A source: KP

Tags: Cyprus, Police, Arms, Arrest

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