Today: January 23 2019
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Egypt is ready to create separate zones in airports for Russian tourists

Egypt is ready to create separate zones in airports for Russian tourists

Tags: Egypt, Airports, Security, Russia, Tourism, Middle East

Egypt's Minister of Aviation Fathi Sherif confirmed that Cairo is ready to provide separate areas at airports for Russian tourists to undergo procedures at entry and exit from the country.

"This does not affect the sovereignty of the Egyptian We are willing to allocate separate areas for Russian tourists, if their number will increase accordingly.", - The minister said at a meeting with the Egyptian journalists.

According to him, Egypt Minaviatsii according to any measures - as the common security and aviation - if they do not go against the sovereignty of the state.

Flights to Egypt from Russian Federation and the flow of tourists were suspended after the crash of the Russian airplane at Sinai in late October 2015 years. The investigation is still ongoing, the basic version of the causes of the crash is an explosion on board. Russian Federation expressed the need for security at airports in Egypt for the resumption of flights between the countries.

The sides agreed to develop an intergovernmental agreement on security cooperation and examine the possibility of Russian experts to participate in security at the airports of the country. Currently, the Egyptian authorities are studying a draft document that came from the Russian Federation.

Nadeem Zuaui
RIA News
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