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Egypt has decided to introduce a state of emergency for three months

In Egypt, where the attacks took place, for three months a state of emergency, said the President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

He made a special appeal to the nation in connection with the attacks, reports TASS.

He stressed that appeals to the people of Egypt as Egyptians, not Christians or Muslims, urging people to be vigilant in order to save the country and not to allow terrorists to undermine its unity.

Dates of entry into force of the state of emergency will be announced after the relevant legal procedures. The country has established the Supreme Council for the fight against terrorism and extremism.

Al-Sisi said that the fight against terrorism will take time and sacrifice. He called to bring to the international court countries that support terrorists.

In Egypt, there was a series of terrorist attacks. The first explosion took place early in the morning during a church service in the church, "March Girgis" in the city of Tanta Gharbia province. high power explosive device exploded in the hall for prayers on the first floor. The explosion of a suicide bomber carried out.

This was followed by an explosion near a police training center Tanta. However, a number of media refute the information about the second explosion.

Another explosion occurred at the door of the Cathedral in Alexandria. The explosive mechanism set in motion as a suicide bomber. Killing more than 40 people.

A source: LOOK

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