Today: February 16 2019
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Emergency services in Cyprus will conduct firefighting exercises

Emergency services in Cyprus will conduct firefighting exercises

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In Cyprus, the dry hot season began, which means that the risk of wildfires significantly increases. In this regard, next week will be held fire training in Cyprus.

Fire fighting in Cyprus will affect three areas - Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos. During the next seven days in the territory of these areas will be held fire fighting exercises, reports SigmaLive.

In the Larnaka area, the exercises will take place 18 April in the territory of the EE - between Larnaka and Dhekelia. The beginning is planned for 9 in the morning. In Limassol, the exercises will be held on 19 April on Franklin Roosevelt Avenue, on the territory of the company ΚΕΟ. The exercises will begin at 10 in the morning. 20 April firefighting exercises will be held in Paphos, near the village of Stavrokonnu, at 10: 30 local time.

Residents of nearby areas should not be worried at the sound of sirens and unusual noises. This is just part of the preparation for the season of increased fire danger.

Fire services are reminiscent of: 94 the case of natural fires from 100 occur through the fault of a person. An unbuttoned match or cigarette butt, even a small spark from them can cause a huge forest fire. Therefore, care must be taken when walking in nature, do not use fire and flammable objects and substances. Picnics with a fire can be arranged only in specially equipped places or at your home site in compliance with all the rules of fire safety. In case of detection of a fire, it must be reported to the fire department immediately.

Irina Zhmaeva
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