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Emergency services in Cyprus conduct exercises

Emergency services in Cyprus conduct exercises

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The Fire Department of the Republic of Cyprus together with the unit, which eliminates the consequences of natural and man-made disasters (EMAK), conducts in the framework of the "Week of Fire Safety" exercises called ΠΡΩΤΕΑΣ 2018. In the training program - three scenarios of emergency situations that can happen in Cyprus, reports Cyprus News Agency.

On Wednesday, 18 April, the first stage of the exercise took place in Larnaka. Under the scenario, during the repair work a fire broke out, and then a fuel leak from the reservoir in the oil storage area near the road Larnaca-Dhekelia. The technicians working at the facility managed to leave the tank. Before the rescuers was tasked to put out the fire and eliminate the leak.

For each type of emergency in Cyprus, developed its own plan of action. In this case, the SEVESO II plan was activated. Firefighters and EMAK experts specializing in working with combustible materials managed to eliminate the fire in a short time. The head of the fire department, Marcos Trangolas, who watched the exercises, was pleased with their results.

At 10 on Thursday morning, 19 April, in Limassol, the second phase of the exercise began. The venue is KEO, next to Franklin Roosevelt Avenue. According to the scenario, as a result of the accident, a chemical leak occurred and one of the plant's employees was injured. The task of EMAK is to eliminate the leak and to hospitalize the wounded.

The third stage of the exercises will be held on Friday, 20 April, in the forest of Paphos. And in October, the fire department and EMAK will conduct exercises at the VTTV oil storage facility, located near the Vasiliko power station.

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