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Electric company of Cyprus paid a hacker a round sum

The electrical company of Cyprus (EAC) mistakenly transferred several tens of thousands of euros to the hacker's account. The exact amount remained unnamed, but can be equal to 200 000 euros, suggests the local newspaper Politis.

The intruder introduced himself as one of the foreign contractors to repair the Vasiliko power station. The hacker hacked the EAC partner system and found the necessary account, which was later presented by the EAC with the modified data. The fraudster sent an EAC message by e-mail, asking him to transfer the amount to another account, started a month earlier. Of course, the new account had nothing in common with the contractor Vasiliko, who now requires the legal payment of his services.

At the moment, EAC refused to provide more detailed information about the case. The police began an investigation.

A source: VC

Tags: Cyprus, Fraud, Electricity

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