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Erdogan announces the construction of an aircraft carrier by Turkey

In Turkey, a number of projects are implemented in the sphere of military shipbuilding, one of which is the independent construction of an aircraft carrier. This, according to RIA Novosti, was announced by President of the country Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the ceremony of launching the fourth corvette of the MILGEM program, being built in Istanbul.

"We have completely completed the implementation of 14 warship projects, in line with another 10 projects. We will also create our own aircraft carrier, we are determined to do so and do not doubt the success. We must lead Turkey into the leaders of military shipbuilding, and the aircraft carrier is no longer a distant dream for us, "Erdogan said.

He noted that the Kinalyada corvette, built according to the MILGEM program, descended on July 3, was designed in Turkey and is equipped with 65 percent weapons and equipment produced in the country.

At the moment, Turkey is building a universal landing ship "Anadolu", which is a variation on the project of the Spanish "Juan Carlos I" (full displacement of 27,5 thousand tons, speed 21 knot, air group includes up to six F-35B fighters). The ship is supposed to be used in different versions, from the landing aircraft itself to the light aircraft carrier.

"Anadolu" was laid in April 2016 year and will be launched in January 2019, with the expectation of transfer to the fleet in 2021. At the beginning of 2017, there were reports that Ankara is considering the possibility of building a second ship of this type.

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