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Erdogan criticizes NATO, and US cuts presence in Turkey

Erdogan criticizes NATO, and US cuts presence in Turkey

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President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during public speeches 10-11 March 2018, attacked the North Atlantic Alliance, due to lack of assistance.

"Hey NATO, where are you?" Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said at a public rally on Saturday, 10 March, in the southern province of Mersin, accusing the military alliance of "double standards."

Erdogan said that Turkey is a NATO member, introduced troops into conflict zones, and when asked, support was not received. Turkey regards the Kurdish formations of the PKK as a terrorist organization, and its NATO ally, the United States, shields militants, allegedly to fight against IGIL *.

Erdogan called on NATO to come to the aid of Turkey, saying that its borders are "under threat right now."

"At the moment, 850 square kilometers have been taken under our control. Our goal is to take 2000 square kilometers under our control, "he said. "Our concern is not the earth, our task is to clean the terrorists from there. Everywhere there are terrorists, we will be there, "Erdogan said.

Erdogan said that Turkey will help Africa to restore and repair, including electricity, water, education and health, "just like in Jarablus, Al-Ray, Azaz" and "Al-Bab", after the liberation of these Syrian cities from the militants Igil * Turkey, during the previous operation Shield of the Euphrates.

11 March in the northwestern province of Bolu, Erdogan, referring to NATO stated: "We have 911 kilometers of border [with Syria] and terrorist organizations are constantly harassing us on this border. The Syrian regime is also taking such measures. When will you appear? "

Erdogan said that Turkey, as a member of NATO, had deployed its troops to conflict zones, when it was demanded of it - calling examples of Somalia, Afghanistan and the Balkans - but Turkey did not receive the necessary support for its mission in Africa.

"We were present in all these places ... but NATO, when you will stand behind us," Erdogan said, explaining that the borders of Turkey are "under constant threat." "Should I continue to repeat all these things? We have not received a single positive answer, yet, "Erdogan added.

The US Armed Forces have drastically reduced the number of combat operations carried out from Injirlik Air Force Base, because of the constant reduction in personnel, The Wall Street Journal reports. US officials explained that such a shift was due to the tension between Washington and Ankara.

The US has been using the base for air strikes against IGIL * in Syria and Iraq, since 2015, but due to the deterioration of relations between the US and Turkey, the US has difficulties in using the base in Injirlik.

10 airplanes were relocated from Injirlik base, in January, only refueling aircraft remained. The number of servicemen living on the territory of the base is also decreasing. At that time, the Pentagon explained this step by the fact that it is stepping up operations in Afghanistan.

According to US officials, the US remains committed to Turkey as an ally in NATO and that there are no immediate plans for further reduction of personnel and aviation. Nevertheless, officials say that there are internal discussions about the use of Injirlik, due to the fact that "it is necessary to reduce the consequences of possible losses due to (limiting) the opportunities to use the base."

On Friday, 9 March, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said that Turkey and the US agreed to stabilize in Manbij and other Syrian cities east of the Euphrates, as a result of an 2 afternoon meeting last week in Washington.

The US does not confirm the words of the Foreign Minister of Turkey.

The Washington Post reported that "the Trump administration has notified Turkey that it will seek to curb the Kurdish militants that were the backbone of the American campaign against the" Islamic state "in Syria."

However, the "Washington Post" to the same article reports that the US military command in Manbij district has already warned Turkey that several hundred American servicemen will defend the Kurds against any attack by Turkish troops.

The US is not ready to complete 3,5 summer cooperation, as one US official added, "it's hard for us, because we spent many years on these guys," he said, referring to the Kurds. "Especially from the point of view of our [American] fighters, we have built deeply profound personal relationships, and no one wants them to collapse."

* Terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation.

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