Today: December 17 2018
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Erdogan warned oil and gas companies from

Erdogan warns oil and gas companies of "mistakes" on the shelf of Cyprus

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Oil and gas companies should not make mistakes in geological exploration on the Cyprus shelf, carrying out work without agreement with the Turkish community of the island, said Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan.

Turkey has previously repeatedly opposed the exploration of oil and gas deposits in Cyprus without regard for the interests of the Turkish community of the island.

"Let no one think that we do not notice the adventurers' attempts to find gas deposits off the coast of Cyprus." Our warships are carrying out the necessary activities .I warn foreign companies that have trusted the Greek authorities (Cyprus), do not make such erroneous calculations, do not become tools in their games, "Erdogan said, speaking to the deputies of the ruling Justice and Development Party.

Ships of the Turkish fleet block the floating rig Saipem 12000, which drills in the Cyprus EEZ for the Italian oil company ENI, and prevent it from proceeding to the block number 3 EEZ and start work there. Prior to this, the Italian oil and gas company ENI, together with the French Total, drilled at site number 6 in the Cyprus EEZ and on 8 February confirmed the availability of gas reserves at the Calypso 1 field.

President of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis said on Sunday that Turkey continues provocations in the Cyprus EEZ and noted that Nicosia intends to seek the cessation of violations of international law by Ankara.

Alain Palazhchenko
RIA News
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