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Erdogan warned Greece and Cyprus from an interdiction for the "dangerous line"

Erdogan warned Greece and Cyprus from an interdiction for the "dangerous line"

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday, 13 February, in a sharp manner, warned neighboring Greece and Cyprus from "unilateral exploration" of natural gas fields in the disputed areas of the Aegean Sea. An Associated Press reports about this from Ankara.

The Turkish leader advised the Greek and Cypriot authorities "to move away from (the dangerous) line (escalation)" and not to encroach on Turkey's rights in the water area of ​​the Eastern Mediterranean.

Meanwhile, the AP continues, representatives of Greece reported today about the incident involving the ships of the coast guard of this country and Turkey: the Turkish Navy boat "ousted" the Greek navy ship from the area of ​​two uninhabited islands in the Aegean Sea. How the "repression" happened was not specified.

The Turkish state TV channel TRT broadcasts an excerpt from Erdogan's speech today on "illegal" actions of Greece and Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean: "Do not think that we are not aware of the natural gas exploration conducted on the coast of Cyprus and the Aegean Sea. We warn you not to make the wrong calculations. Turkey will defend its rights stemming from earlier agreements and international law. In Cyprus, the Aegean coast, we have the same rights as in (Syrian) Afrina. Our warships and the air force closely monitor any interference. "

A source: EADaily

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