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Erdogan announced the political suicide of Germany

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Germany is committing political suicide.

Erdogan said this at a press conference following the results of the G20 summit, answering the question about the prohibition of the German authorities to give him the opportunity to speak in front of his compatriots in Hamburg.

The President of Turkey stated that one can not talk about political freedoms in Germany. "When I say that Germany is committing political suicide, it is political suicide. It's like a boomerang that will return to the one who throws it, "Erdogan quotes RIA Novosti as saying.

In addition, Erdogan said that Turkey will not allow the establishment of a Kurdish state in the south of the country.

"If a Kurdish state is planned to be established in the south of Turkey, we will not allow this, we will not forgive threats to Turkey," Erdogan said.

Earlier, the German Cabinet forbade Erdogan to perform in Hamburg on the G20 fields.

A source: LOOK

Author: Dmitry Zubarev

Tags: Erdogan, Politics, Turkey, Germany

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