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This Soros plays in Gandhi. Why Russia is not needed

This Soros plays in Gandhi. Why Russia does not need "Europe a hundred catalonia"

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The President of Catalonia disappointed the most radical supporters of Catalan independence by signing a declaration of independence, which will enter into force only after negotiations with the European Union and Spain. From the point of view of emotional Catalans, President Puigdemon "merged" independence under the pressure of the Spanish security forces, although there are voices that claim that Puchdemon actually made a wise decision that will gradually "squeeze" Madrid and force him to recognize Catalan independence. In fact, Puchedemon probably did not make any decisions, but simply followed a pre-planned plan in which the features of the local orange revolution were easily read. In Catalonia, we are witnessing one of the stages of the transformation of the European Union into the so-called "European Union", in which national states will be completely fragmented, and the center of power will be only one and will be located directly in Brussels. It is under the wing of Brussels asking Catalan separatists, who for some reason insist first of all on their "European", rather than national or Catalan identity. If we remove the rage of revolutionary romanticism from Catalan rallies, then the mechanism of a typical, very Soros "color revolution" will be discovered under it, especially since Soros himself was already caught by the hand in the process of financing Catalan nationalists.

Opposition Leader Ines Arrimadas during the discussion on the results of the referendum on the independence of Catalonia in the hall of plenary sessions of the Catalan Parliament. 10 October 2017

The fact is that the fighters for Catalan independence are radically different from the French, British or German Eurosceptics or nationalists. President Puchdemon is not a Catalan analogue of Le Pen or Nigel Faraj, but a politician of a completely different kind. Catalan separatism is not a struggle for national independence, but a struggle for the possibility of direct subordination of Catalonia to Brussels bureaucrats without Madrid mediators. They want "more Europe and less Madrid," that is, it's not even a struggle for independence, but rather secession in favor of the European Commission. It is not by chance that the main supporter of increasing the influence of the European Commission and the dismantling of European nation states, George Soros, finances two Catalan organizations that play a key role in the struggle for Catalan pseudo-dependence. As one of the oldest Spanish newspapers La Vanguardia reported in 2016, Soros financed the Council of Public Diplomacy of Catalonia (Consell per la Diplomàcia Pública de Catalunya), an organization that actually performs the function of the Catalan "Ministry of Foreign Affairs" and is a tool for lobbying Catalan interests at the EU level , and also supported financially CIDOB - NCO, which plays the role of a "think tank", working for Catalan politicians and separatists.

Soros infusions can not be called significant, but it must be taken into account that this is only what the Spanish media have been able to identify and prove. And the symbolic gesture itself is important - in the conflict between Barcelona and Madrid, the sympathies of the American oligarch are clearly on the side of "pro-European separatists". Most likely, it's not even in Catalonia itself, but in creating a precedent and a scheme that can be repeated in different European countries until the European Union becomes virtually a single state controlled by no one elected European bureaucrats.

Look at a few more markers. After the terrorist attacks in Barcelona that would lead to the requirements for limiting uncontrolled migration to the European Union, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Catalonia Raul Roma stated that "the problem is not migration," but that "some people perceive this as a problem," and demanded to fight xenophobia, which caused just a storm of enthusiasm in American and British media.

"Catalonia's response to terrorism shows that it is ready for independence," then wrote the British "Guardian."

It should be noted that the British and American media are simply choking with delight when another Catalan politician reproduces the theses from the Soros method of tolerance and that African and Middle Eastern migrants are happiness for Europe, and not a cause for concern or closure of borders. Tolerance of Catalan politicians has reached such a level that recent migrants support the independence of Catalonia. Another sign of increased, truly "Soros" tolerance is that Barcelona is now one of the "centers of jihadist terrorism in Spain," as the Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail put it.

Migrants in the port of Tarifa in southern Spain

What will be next? Next is the implementation in practice of a typical "Gandhi-style" strategy that involves a thorough design of the image of the victim and at the same time creates conditions under which any violence or punishment of political activists turns into serious image losses for the authorities. If President Puichdemon announced immediate independence "here and now," he would be immediately arrested, and in the eyes of the public and the international community this would look quite an adequate response. And now it turns out that there is independence as it is, which is a clear affront to Madrid, but it does not seem to exist, and any violence or punitive operations by the Spanish authorities will look like an act of unmotivated cruelty. So, step by step, the Catalan separatists will "press" Madrid to achieve the goal - the intervention of the European Commission as a mediator, and from there to the actual collapse of Spain and the launch of a chain reaction in other European countries - just a few steps that will not be so difficult to do . In this context, the logic, guided by the Kremlin, becomes crystal clear, when it officially declares that the situation in Catalonia is "an internal matter of Spain". Spain, not the European Union!

And the point here is not in any special sympathy for Madrid, they are not and can not be, but in the fact that Russia will be extremely unprofitable scenario in which there will be "centralization through the regionalization" of the European Union and on all issues from the conventional "Nord Stream" - 2 "and before the construction of the next nuclear power plant, will have to negotiate with Brussels and Russophobic bureaucrats of the European Commission, and not with the authorities of relatively independent European countries that have the opportunity, in case of necessity, to go against the position of the European commissioners. In "independent regions" like Catalonia, the ability to conduct at least some independent foreign policy will not be at all.

The best scenario for the development of the struggle for Catalan pseudo-dependence for us is that Spain, Catalonia and the European Union as a whole "stuck" in an endless internal struggle, without the hope for the final victory of one of the parties. The weaker the EU as a whole and all its countries in particular, the easier it will be for Russia to negotiate with them on the right issues and the less will the EU have to hamper Russia's efforts to restore its zone of influence.

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