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This is just a miserable beginning. In France, migrants brutally beat a police girl

Migrants in France attacked a police girl and filmed an incident on video. The footage fell into social networks and the brutality of the attackers plunged users into shock.

The attack occurred on New Year's Eve. two policemen came to the call because of a too loud party. When the law enforcers came to the scene, a group of migrants began to raid the area. The patrol car was turned over and smashed the windows. The crowd knocked down a female officer and started beating her with legs. Other policemen came to the rescue and took the girl to the hospital.

On the incident reported to the French President Emmanuel Macron, he promised to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Well, a prophetic picture of the topic from the Germans, the magazine "Kladderadatsch" (Kladderadatsch) 1932 year.

"The last non-colored French are the main attraction of the Paris Zoo in 100 years"

Although the Germans now face the same thing.

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