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The former head of the French counter-intelligence: the myth of the "Russian threat", NATO prolongs your life

NATO deliberately fueling the perception of Russia as a threat to prolong their existence, said the former head of the French counter-intelligence and founder of the International Center for Research on terrorism and the victims of the terrorist attacks Iv Bonne.

"Like any organization, the Alliance wants to continue to live, and the only reason to prolong its existence - it's you (Russian - Take a look.)" - said RT Bonn.

He expressed regret over the fact that France, which has left the alliance in 1966 year, has once again become a member of the bloc in 2009 year. Bonn called it a huge mistake, saying that the alliance in general should be disbanded.

NATO, in his estimation, is more danger than good.

"It is useless to disturb Russian, completely pointless to make you nervous, do not tease the Russian bear" - he added.

Western politicians, as well as representatives of NATO intimidate the citizens of so-called Russian threat. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that it is high time to give up and hand it over to the archive of the history of policy of "containment" of Russia. He said that NATO leaders blows the myth about the "Russian threat".

A source: LOOK

Author: Olga Nikitina

Tags: NATO, the West, Russia, Politics

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